B&B Wednesday Update 12/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/19/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Felicia is dumbfounded that her mother sent the Christmas tree back and bottom line wants to just skip Christmas for herself this year. Felicia wants to call the doctor; something must be wrong with Stephanie’s meds to make her feel this way. Stephanie is adamant, she doesn’t need any help, and she’s sorry that she has upset Felicia, she upset her father too, but……..she explains there is just so much pressure to be cheerful. It turns out to be so exhausting and she just doesn’t have it in her this year. She quips this is what happens when someone tries to shoot and kill you and then your husband walks out. It just doesn’t bring about any warm, fuzzy feelings. Can they just leave it at that? Felicia says her dad will be there. Stephanie says no he won’t and she doesn’t want Felicia to get him to, she doesn’t want anyone to come to this house out of sense of obligation or to be anyone’s Christmas charity. Felicia chastises her that now she sounds like Sally. Stephanie tells her Sally won’t be here either. She’s in Saint Tropez with all the beach boys. Felicia turns down all offers for her to spend more time with her brothers or sister in Florida. Finally Stephanie says she doesn’t want to be unkind, but she doesn’t care what Felicia does. Felicia says, “baloney, you do care. It’s tradition, Mother, a family tradition…the Forrester Christmas…Dad’s terrible eggnog, you bitchin’ and moanin’ up until the minute we sing Christmas carols. Stephanie insists nope, she’s done, she’s not doing Christmas. She wants to be alone.

Brooke asks Storm to tell her the truth. She needs to know; did he frame his dad for Stephanie’s attempted murder? He tells the girls that he is not the reason his dad is in jail. Yes, he was frustrated that he couldn’t get him out but he is appalled that Brooke would still doubt him after all he has done for this family. She fires back that she is only afraid for Storm; does he hates their dad that much to frame him for attempted murder? He expounds that yes he hates him, there are thousands of reasons, one for each day he was away….and even when he came back, he had the nerve to blame Storm for what happened to Brooke being raped. Why didn’t Storm protect her? He snarks how dare his dad, the one who abandoned them, ask him that? He can not come back here and just save the day. Katie is sympathetic and tells him she understands how much he cares and loves them and they love him too. Storm crumbles as he tells Brooke that it really hurt him that she didn’t come tell him right away, and then to be blamed for it by HIM! He gestures that he knew what he wanted to do to his dad, but he didn’t. He knew what Stephen would do to try and work his way back into the family, be the big protector….and the crazy thing was they were beginning to fall for it. Storm says his dad was trying to take them away from him again and he couldn’t let that happen. He was NOT going to let him hurt them again, so that’s why he did it!

There is total silence in the room as he staggers away and plops into a chair and admits, “I did it.” He sobs that God yes he did it. Sniffling, he asks Brooke is she not mad at him? She tells him she knows he was in pain and not thinking clearly. He admits he wasn’t planning on it, but he was just so furious with Stephanie for what she had done to Brooke and then for locking Donna in the steam room…the disrespect and she wasn’t going to pay for any of it and she knew it…..no accountability, just like his dad. He says it was so easy after all the threats his dad made against Stephanie that the bellman and others heard….he heard Eric tell Stephanie to wait for him in the showroom….and everything was right there…..the gun…..the camera…..dad had a ring, he had a ring…all he needed to do is put the ring on and everyone would think it was Stephen. So he set the camera up and hid behind the curtain. Finally he saw his opportunity, put the ring on, pointed the gun and fired.

By now all are sobbing. He says he didn’t mean to kill her. That wasn’t his intention, but she went down and his dad was arrested. Katie wonders how he could be so sure that Jake would see the footage. Storm says well eventually he would, then go to the police. It was the perfect crime, only it wasn’t, now they know.

It’s after visiting hours as Stephen is led into the visiting room, astonished to see Stephanie. She remarks that she needs some cheering up and he might be the only one who can do that. He grumbles that she is out of luck. She thinks not, she says seeing him, she feels better already. Knowing that the man who tried to kill her is worse off than she is lightens her mood considerably. He wants to go back to his cell. She asks, even before she makes her offer? He smarts that she has nothing he wants. She reminds him this is the Christmas season, he must have a wish list. She has one….a very short list….she only wants one thing for Christmas…..his confession. He tells her that she is crazy. She asks if he really wants to go to trial. He surmises she must not as what she did to Brooke will also come out. She states that she believes what is private should remain private, not to go public. And she’s trying to give him the opportunity to protect his children from the scandal, but she should have remembered, he’d only be after his own hide. She lays it out, if he will confess she will do everything she can to get the district attorney to make a plea bargain. Emphatically he says he will not confess to a crime he did not commit. And his children believe in him and are rallying with his defense. She finds this hard to believe considering his history. He admits it. H doesn’t deserve it. He’s been a terrible father. And if they left him there to rot, he’d understand that, but they are not. So for her to go ahead and amuse herself at his expense. She can take every shot, but his children know he is innocent and they love him. And his son is going to defend him and he couldn’t ask for a better man.

Katie begs Storm to tell her that he is making this up….to create reasonable doubt for their dad. She reminds him that he was on the phone to Charlie Baker when Stephanie was shot, he has an alibi. But Storm re-creates that scene when he put the cell phone down long enough to shoot Stephanie and continue the conversation and then he walked away. There were people backstage. They would have heard the shot so he had to get out. Any one of them could have been taken to jail, but he made sure the evidence pointed toward their dad. And he then played right into their hands by berating the police and refusing to cooperate. Storm says okay, he knows he shouldn’t have done it….it was wrong and he wouldn’t do it again, but what can he do, it’s done now.

Brooke wants to know if he is saying that their dad will be prosecuted for a crime he did not commit? Storm suggests that he has a good lawyer, he could get off. Katie reminds him that their dad is innocent. Storm says he may not have shot Stephanie, but he’s not innocent.

Stephanie tells Steven that it is an open and shut case. Not so, says Stephen, according to Storm. All he needs is reasonable doubt. And he trusts his son a hell of a lot more than he does Stephanie. Did she really think he would confess just because she asked? She points out that Brooke’s rape, Donna’s relationship with her husband, his wife’s relationship with her husband and even his lack of a relationship with his children will all come out in trial. He tells her that she does not scare him, or intimidate him, even sitting here in jail. He’d rather be himself than her. At least he has children that are willing to fight for him. Can she say that? She gets up to leave. She says she came to give him a chance, and now she has. She’s never going to make this offer again. She knows what he did, the police know what he did. And when the jury figures it out, they will convict him and when they do that “I’m going to use every ounce of influence I have to get you put in the worst penitentiary in this state. I feel better already…thank you and Merry Christmas.”

Katie says they can’t just leave their dad in jail. Storm scoffs why not, he left them? He goes into a tirade about how his dad was looking for acceptance. He had no idea what they had gone through yet he did not have the guts to stick around and face the problems. Now he’s sitting in that cell wondering what he did to deserve all of this. Brooke says but he doesn’t deserve it. And neither does Storm. She can see what this is doing to him, his hatred, his desire for revenge. It’s a sickness. He says it’s not revenge. But she knows he loves the law, he would never abuse it. He states this is justice. She argues, he doesn’t now what he is saying, he’s too angry, too upset, but they’ll figure this out; they’ll decide what to do next.

He says they will do nothing next. She cautions they have to get their dad out of jail. He insists no, the cops have passed it to the D.A. They have their man and the evidence to prove it. And so what if he planted it, it’s all circumstantial and Stephen could be acquitted. And he has done everything he can by the book. Brooke says, “except confess.” He asks if she wants him to go to jail? Katie cries no. Well is that what they want for him to be punished for protecting his family? Because that is what he did. Both his dad and Stephanie have hurt everybody he has ever loved in his life over and over again. He’s sorry, but it had to stop. If you cause someone pain, it will come back to you. Katie begs him not to make them choose. He says they don’t have to, just be quiet. There’s no permanent damage to Stephanie, he just scared her.

Brooke shouts at him that he shot Stephanie and then he let his dad go to jail for it. He breaks down and says he did it for his family. And that his dad never did anything for them. He never protected them….all those years it was Storm that did that. He was there for them. He earned their loyalty and now it’s time for them to return that favor. It’s time for them to step up to the plate and protect him….”look I’m gonna do my best to protect Dad, but please…..don’t send me to jail.”

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