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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/18/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Back at home, Brooke thinks back on what Storm has been saying, but she doesn’t want to even think that because he has a ring like their dad’s that he could have shot Stephanie and tried to set up their father.

Stephanie starts to trim the tree and becomes all thumbs fumbling and dropping the ornaments.

Donna and Eric decorate their little one. She remarks they never had much when she was little, but all their needed was some tinfoil, a big batch of popcorn and a ball of string. And she recalls how Storm would always borrow an old pickup and drive up to the mountains and cut their own tree. He was always taking care of the family, wanting everything to be perfect. And they'd go out for the holidays and see kids standing in line for Santa with their moms and dads buying presents, but he never wanted them to think about their dad. Eric says that is funny because in his family the holidays were the only time the family thought of each other; they could put all their differences aside. Donna asks what is he going to do this year? He replies he imagines everyone will just go over to the house as usual. It’ll just be what Stephanie needs. Donna says it seems like Stephanie is not the only one who needs a big dose of cheer. She asks Eric to stay right there, don’t move, and she will be right back.

A knock on the door turns out to be Ridge who tells his dad they need to talk about Mother. She’s pretty low down and just had a Christmas tree delivered tonight. Ridge says he offered to help her decorate, but she said no. Eric gathers she just wants to do it all by herself. Ridge says but she just got out of surgery; she doesn’t need to be lugging boxes and climbing ladders. Eric agrees and says he will go talk to her. And if she wants to start tonight, he’d better go right now. He explains to Ridge that Donna is in the other room; please tell her.

Brooke is a little shook when Katie appears. She had thought she was upstairs in bed the entire time, not at work where Katie says she returned. Katie asks where has Brooke been and she admits she went to the police station and got this picture of their Dad’s hand. Katie doesn’t give much credence to Brooke’s evidence and just wants to go to bed….until Brooke says she thinks she knows now who did shoot Stephanie. Katie is aghast that Brooke would think it was Storm.

Donna dons her frisky Santa suit and sachets out to who she thinks is Eric sitting in the dark. “I made a list and checked it twice….You’ve been a naughty, naughty boy this year. It’s lucky for you that I think that is very, very nice.” She plops in his lap. Though shocked, Ridge nonchalantly says, “well, ho, ho, HO.”

Stephanie lets Eric in and remarks that she thought he had a key since he was the one who changed the locks. He says he does, but he didn’t want to startle her. Ridge had called and said she was teetering on a ladder. And Eric says that is not a very good idea. She agrees and it was something he said earlier that made her change her mind. She offers him a drink and is about to explain when the doorbell rings and it is two guys who take the Christmas tree away to the homeless shelter. Eric tries to get her to change her mind; it won’t seem like Christmas without the tree. She proclaims she is not going to have Christmas and the kids are perfectly capable of having it without her.

Without realizing that Storm is lurking and peeping in the patio doors, Brooke tells Katie about the ring he has exactly like their father’s and that Storm always wears it around his neck. It’s a talisman, a symbol of their dad’s betrayal and she lays the whole thing about Storm writing his dad a letter. Katie scoffs well he sure seems to have gotten over that, but Brooke is not so sure. He’s been acting very weird lately and did not welcome his dad back with open arms. Katie reminds her that none of them did, but that doesn’t mean they tried to murder anyone. Brooke wants to question Storm, but Katie insists they not. And do not go to the police about this. Storm walks in surprising them both.

Eric tells Stephanie that if she’s not up to it, then call the kids and they will pitch in for Christmas. She opines that it is not so much the planning – she just doesn’t want to spend the day pretending, it’s exhausting. And she won’t enjoy herself if Felicia or someone else is hostess. She only loved Christmas because of Eric.

Ridge explains to Donna where Eric has gone. It will be rough on her this year. Donna confides that it won’t exactly be sugarplums and mistletoe for her family either. She understands his concern for his mother, but she wishes he would show half as much concern for his father’s happiness too.

Brooke squirms when Storm asks where she has been when she said she wanted to go to bed? She doesn’t want to answer and he knows she is lying. Then he asks what were they talking about when he came in? Katie tries to change the subject by saying she is going to bed. Brooke replies quickly that she just told Katie about his ring, so it was nothing that mattered. Storm goes to get his yearbook and finds the photo Brooke got from Baker and he questions her about it.

Eric says Christmas was always a wonderful time; Stephanie can’t tell him she didn’t love it. She informs him she loved HIM and would have done anything to make him happy. He doesn’t want her telling him this was a big sacrifice on her part. She says no, it was her gift to him and the children and when she shared it with him, it meant something. He offers to help, but she declines and says she is not going to continue with something just because that’s the way it’s always been done. He implies that she must, it’s tradition. She corrects him, it was “our tradition.” He tells her not to do that, don’t make him the Scrooge in this. She is the one cancelling Christmas. She says she is not doing it to punish him or the kids. And if he wants Christmas so much why doesn’t he take the kids and grandkids up to Big Bear…..cook a turkey, trim the tree? It’ll be snowing, it'll be wonderful and she will spend the day by herself. Apparently there is nothing he can say to change her mind and she scoots him out of the house. She says bye, “Merry Christmas to you. I hope Santa brings you everything you want this year.” She takes the wreath off the door and closes it.

Ridge tells Donna that he has done his best to respect his father’s choices, even though he disagrees with them. He doesn’t think she can make him happy. She says she already has. He amends it, but will it last? Or will his dad look back and wonder what in the hell happened to his life?

Storm realizes the girls are concerned about the evidence the police have against their father – the gun, the ring, it’s pretty damning. Brooke says he seemed more confident about his innocence at the police station. Storms swears that he is going to do his best to get an acquittal, but it won’t be easy considering how their dad was acting before the shooting. The jury will see that he has a problem with controlling his anger and a long history of bad blood between him and the Forrester’s. He probably just snapped.

The lights come on so Storm says that is his cue to go. Brooke wants to ask him one question. Katie keeps saying no, don’t do this. Brooke does anyhow. She asks Storm if he still has the ring around his neck? She needs him to put it on and put his hand up beside the photo. He’s taken aback, surely she can’t be implying? Why would he want to shoot Stephanie? He was on the phone actually getting a restraining order when Stephanie was shot. Brooke says then if he is innocent he will do this. Katie tries again to get Storm to leave with her, but Brooke cries and is adamant that they all love him, but he’s not going anywhere until he puts that ring on his finger. Maybe he just snapped when their father returned and Storm thought they were their dad’s girls again, and not Storm’s. She could see how he would feel that way. She asks him pointblank, “Please, Storm, tell me. I will understand. Did you shoot Stephanie and set our Dad up? Answer me."

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