B&B Monday Update 12/17/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/17/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

As the thunder rumbles, Brooke tells Storm that she is sorry, but she doesn’t think he is capable of murder. He tells her go ahead and ask him anything, he knows she’s dying to know. If perhaps he shot Stephanie and set his dad up for the fall?

Stephanie calls Eric just to check to make sure he got back to his hotel all right on this nasty night. He replies yes, he barely got wet. She wishes she could say the same for the guy who delivered this big Christmas tree. She wishes Eric could have stayed and helped decorate. He reminds her not to overdo it as she is still on the mend. Perhaps she can get the kids to help her. Ridge walks in and wonders if she should still be on her feet at this hour? She’s touched that he cares.

Brooke confides that just because Storm has a ring like his father’s does not mean he could shoot anybody in cold blood any more than she could. He says good because at one time when he told her about the ring she had a strange look on her face. She says she knows he had issues with his dad, but this last week he’s been incredible, just like he took care of them when their dad left in the first place. “The control freak?” Is that what she meant? He thanks her for believing in him like she always has, it means the world to him. The family has always meant so much to him. She tells him Ridge will be home soon, so he should be leaving and getting some rest too. So tomorrow he can get their dad freed from jail. He promises her justice will be done.

Stephanie tells Ridge to fix himself a drink, she can only live vicariously as she is still on her pain meds, “never mix, never worry.” He offers to help her with the tree and she ponders what she is supposed to do. She has apologized every which way she can….what is she supposed to do - just accept things are never going to be the way they once were? She wonders what brought about this epiphany when he muses that he knows she would have never done what she did to intentionally hurt anyone, not even Brooke. He remarks just seeing her in that hospital bed, how close they came to losing her. It drove it home to him, why spend your life mad at people and holding grudges? He can’t forget the damage that has been done, but he is trying to move past it. He tells her that he loves her and she reciprocates, and reminds him that she has changed. She just wishes Eric could realize that.

Donna returns to Eric’s where he has been missing her all day. She fills him in on the little birthday party for Storm and then her stopping to see her dad in jail. He’s trying to put up a brave front….she can’t finish as she tears up. She believes he is innocent and Eric doesn’t, so what’s the point of rehashing all of it? She just wishes she could figure out some way to help find out who shot Stephanie. He tells her no matter how this plays out, she can always come to him….he’ll be there for her. She giggles what would she do without her honey bear? She thinks they both need a little cheering up and makes him close his eyes while she drags out a little Christmas tree for the table. She can tell he’s disappointed. Little does she know it dwarfs in comparison to the one Stephanie just put up and they used to have each year. Donna wants him to talk to her, tell her what’s wrong. He tells her about seeing Stephanie and Donna sincerely asks how she is and glad that she is doing better. And she knows he and Stephanie have a lot of traditions together, and he wouldn’t be the man she loves if severing those ties weren’t so painful. But Stephanie also has a tradition of putting him down and ignoring his needs. But he has the children and grandchildren and she knows he’s in a dilemma loving Donna and them too. He agrees, he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, but someone will be no matter what he does. She tells him the only way he could disappoint her is if he doesn’t follow his heart. That’s all she’s ever wanted for him right from the start. If he stays true to himself, then everything else will fall in place.

Despite saying she wanted to go directly to bed, Brooke marches herself down to the police station and demands Charlie show her Jake McClain’s video, and she’s not leaving until he does. They zoom in on the ring, but she claims she still can’t read it. But what if this isn’t her dad’s hand? What if someone else who knows him real well, all the intimate details of his life, shot Stephanie and cleverly set Stephen up?

Stephanie delights over some home-made ornaments the little kids have made and points out to Ridge that they used to do that too. Then she frowns that she doesn’t know how she’s going to make it through the holidays….what if Eric never comes home again? Perhaps she should start decorating the tree and throw a lot of tinsel on it and it won’t be so depressing. He hugs her and says, “chin up, Mother, it’s the holidays….time for miracles…..who knows? Perhaps you’ll get a miracle of your own.” As Silent Night plays softly, she reminisces of happier times at Christmas with Eric and he is doing the same though he is with Donna, who affectionately calls him her ‘snuggle bunny’.

She announces that she never knew the meaning of the word happy until she fell in love with him. And no matter how messed up the world is, when he puts his arms around her, she’s calm…he’s her oasis, the place she finds peace. She treasures him for that.

Brooke tries to get Charlie to admit that it’s possible that is not her father’s hand. But he tells her they have run measurements of the hand in the photo, her father’s hand and they appear to match. He knows it is hard for her to accept that someone she loves could commit this crime. She can stare at the photo all she wants, but it isn’t gonna change. He follows her to the lobby and says again that he knows it is hard for her to accept that a relative of hers could do this, but he did. Begrudgingly, she admits he could be right. As she leaves, a man holding a newspaper in front of his face emerges, a menacing looking Storm!

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