B&B Friday Update 12/14/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/14/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke continues to stare at the photo in the yearbook of Storm for his 1982 water polo championship. Storm can’t help but notice that she looks terrified. He concerns her further when she says she is going upstairs and he says she can’t. With the stormy weather outside, he says he has things he needs to explain to her and for her to really listen. Yes, there are similarities between him and his father. Both went to the same high school, played water polo and both had the same rings.

Taylor stares down at a sleeping baby Jack and starts to weep as Nick comes home. Gently, he asks what is wrong. Slowly, she reveals how she realized that Jack has blonde hair, just like Brooke’s. He points out that he also is blonde and most babies are blonde. She realizes that, but it just reminded her of Brooke and it was like she was mocking her. She cries that she doesn’t know what is wrong with her. She can’t have a normal moment with her own baby.

Stephen is led into the visiting room and cuffs taken off so he can hug and visit with Donna. She brings him a piece of Storm’s birthday cake which only brings him back down as he totally forgot the day. He remarks it takes a lousy father to forget his son’s birthday. She shrugs it off that he is in jail with plenty on his mind, he’s allowed. He says he doesn’t know what he would do without Storm; he’s been ferocious about defending him. She reminds him that Storm loves him. It’s too bad that it took this to make him see it, but he does. Stephen still berates himself that he abandoned his only son. He forced him to become the man of the family.

Storm goes on and on how much the championship meant to him. Brooke says he was the star of his team, just as his dad was to his. He confides to her that he wrote his dad and tried to get him to come home for the state championship, if only for the day. She feels badly for him; he just wanted his dad to be proud of him. He sighs that he told himself if his dad would come just this one time he could forgive him for all the time he’d been away from them. He actually talked himself into believing that. He looked up into the stands between plays actually looking for him, even hoping at the last minute he’d show up and see the trophy and they’d go out for pizza just like other families. But he never came; he never wrote back.

Stephen tells Donna that Storm wrote him once, wanting him to come home. There was something big going on and he wanted him there for it. She asks why didn’t he? Why didn’t he come back to them? He paces around the room and says if he came home he felt he would just be disappointing everyone all over again. He didn’t have the guts to even answer the letter. He kept his distance. He had so many opportunities, yet he kept making mistakes. She tells him none of that matters now. It’s all in the past and when Storm gets out, they are all going to make up for lost time. And at his next birthday they are all going to be together, all the Logan’s.

Storm tells Brooke that he didn’t reach out to his dad for himself. He did it for all the Logan’s. But who was he kidding, trying to be the man of the family? He was a mess, full of rage and frustration. And it didn’t matter how hard he tried, it never seemed good enough. She disagrees, he was their rock. As the thunder cracks, he says he was not their father. And Stephen was a coward and they all paid the price for that.

Nick brings Jack over to the bed to be with his mother. He reminds her of all the nights they sat in bed and talked about all the hopes and dreams they had for this baby…..because they knew what a gift this boy would be. She sniffs that yes she knows that. He says now it’s time for him to face the real world, and them too. Their job is to make this boy seem safe and loved. All of these worries and the stress and the doubts have got to go. Jack has got to know he has a place with them. Snuggling, she thinks Jack is trying to nurse and tells Nick he is right….he just wanted his mother.

Donna says Storm has been working his butt off trying to get Stephen out of here because he believes he is innocent, and so does she. Stephen says he knows Storm won’t let him rot in jail without a hell of a fight. And to find out who did shoot Stephanie. “He’s my hope, Donna, I have total faith in him.”

Storm admits he despises his dad for what he did to them, for all the damage he caused him. And while it is all in the past, just thinking about it can get him all riled up. He only asked one thing of him, a couple of hours of his time. Then he just cut him out of his life, never tried to contact him again. She asks what did he do with his ring, just throw it away? He replies no, actually he kept it. It was like he was waging a war within himself. It was like he was at battle with the man. He didn’t want to forget what he had done to them. He put the ring on a chain and wore it around his neck, like dog tags, never took it off. She’s surprised as he shows her. She says she never knew that. He remarks there is a lot about himself that she doesn’t know. And he knows what she is thinking right now. She’s thinking of that picture with their dad’s hand wrapped around that gun. He edges closer and she backs up. He knows she’s scared, he says. And she’s wondering if he really did it. Maybe it was really Storm’s hand and not her dad’s. Maybe he set him up to take the fall. She tells him to stop this, why is he doing this?

He demands to know if she thinks that he shot Stephanie? Is that what she thinks her big brother could do? That he could try to kill somebody and then frame his dad for it? Does she think he is that diabolical, that deranged? “Answer me, Brooke, answer me!”

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