B&B Thursday Update 12/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/13/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Felicia breezes into the lab and observes a pensive Ashley and asks if she is alright? Ashley is not sure; she wonders how Felicia feels about Ridge and Brooke as a couple? Does she buy they are each other’s destiny? Felicia wonders why she is asking. All she knows is that Ridge wants it to work and he only has one very firm condition. That she must not see Nick. Felicia knows Brooke is not going to mess this up. She’s been chasing her brother for too long. Ashley reveals she is not so sure as she saw Brooke with Nick last night on The Shady Marlin.

Thorne is with Stephanie and she admits she is feeling stronger, on the mend. But she would be better if his dad would come home. She feels like an exile in her own home where it used to be the hub of everything. He makes a pact that he will bring Ally by with Felicia and Dino and go pick up some ice cream soon. She changes the subject by asking if he saw his father at work today? She was hoping he’d see the video of Stephen shooting her and he’d come to his senses about Donna. But on the other hand, he’s not the kind of man that believes the sins of the father are necessarily visited upon the children. He tells her there is nothing fair about any of this. Stephen is the one who should be punished, not her. And Eric is not trying to prove anything and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. So if she really wants Eric back, waiting around until he is over Donna is not the way to do it.

Lt. Baker and his son, Charlie, show Brooke and Storm the footage of the video and Storm informs them they are dreaming if he thinks that proves anything. Baker thinks they have their man, but Storm says it is all circumstantial. His father will be found innocent, he’ll make sure of that.

Felicia is stunned and asks Ashley how does she know; did she follow Nick and Brooke? Ashley confesses she knows it was tacky, but yes she did after she overheard Brooke making plans to meet him on The Marlin. Now she wishes she hadn’t as she struggled with it all night. What is she to do? She couldn’t hear what they said, but she did see them embracing. She doesn’t know if Ridge is being duped, but he sure isn’t getting the whole story. Maybe it was about the baby or maybe it was just Nick and Brooke. She just knows that she is uncomfortable having this information and doing nothing about it, but she knows Ridge would be devastated if he knew anything about this. Felicia surmises – so the big question is will he find out about it?

Brooke is surprised to learn since Storm didn’t tell her that their dad’s bail has been revoked. Storm scoffs – Stephen left Stephanie’s and she followed him to his place. Doesn’t that tell them anything? If he was the one to shoot her, wouldn’t she be afraid of him? Lt. Baker laughs and says to his knowledge Stephanie is not afraid of anyone. Storm says he doesn’t have to prove anything. That is their job and he will guarantee they can’t since his dad was not the shooter.

Stephanie is delighted when Eric walks in. She could only be happier if he had a suitcase in his hand and was moving back home. He asks how she has been and glad she is on the mend. She remarks that it hurts her to see him, knowing where he has been and who he has been with and what he’s been doing. He feels he is not welcome there and starts to leave. She laments that of course he is welcome…just say the word and she will take him back in a minute. She is not too proud to say this in front of their son. She’ll give up her pride and self-respect, whatever it takes to get him to come back. They don’t even have to share a bedroom; she just wants him to come home.

On an appropriate stormy night, Donna and Katie scurry around getting all prepared for a surprise Happy Birthday for Storm. He’s so touched when they all give him a group hug. There’s only the downer that Katie keeps referring to their dad as being guilty, and Storm insists he is not.

Ashley tells Felicia she is not sure what she is going to do. She wants to cut Brooke some slack because of all she is going through with her dad, but she is going to keep her eye on Brooke. She feels she has no choice and if Brooke keeps on seeing Nick, then she’s definitely going to let Ridge know. Felicia says good, and she will be right there to back her up.

Stephanie tells Eric she does not want his sympathy. He concedes good, because he is not coming back. He has made his decision concerning Donna. She wonders how he can make a new life with another woman, yet claim to care about her too?

Brooke remarks that something about this whole thing is so weird. Their dad seems so sincere yet the gun was found in his room. There’s a video of the shooting and then there is her dad’s class ring. The whole thing seems more and more like a set up. Katie scoffs, are they back to that? Their dad was framed? By whom…..one of the Forrester’s? Donna warns her to quit saying he is guilty. Storm announces that everyone is deserving of the best defense. He doesn’t feel much like celebrating tonight even though the girls tell him how important he is to the family. They do make him try to blow out the candles and cut the cake. Donna quips that she will put a file in it and take a piece to their dad. Brooke tells Storm that they are going to get through this. They are not little girls anymore and he doesn’t have to always take care of them. He sighs that it’s crazy. He used to resent his dad for dumping all the responsibility on him. He never thought he could forgive him for that. But being angry at him wasn’t the answer either. It didn’t solve anything. He thanks them and says he doesn’t want to let anybody down. He tells them how much he loves them and he doesn’t want them to worry about their dad or Stephanie. He’s not going to let anything come between all of them. He’s been looking out for this family his whole life and he is not going to stop now. They all echo they are so grateful and love him, and know they can depend on him. He’s the best!

Stephanie grouses to Eric that Stephen is a coward, he couldn’t even face her when he shot her. He’s pathetic and anyone who defends him also is pathetic. Eric reminds her that she of all people should know that children are capable of forgiving their parents for all sorts of sins. She’s indignant that he could compare her to that man ….he tried to kill her….he was not acting in the best interest of his children. He’s a lunatic.

Brooke is alone in the dark with the power off and casually looks through the yearbooks they pulled out for Storm. She smiles when she sees the photo of him as the captain of the water polo team……but the smile disappears and turns into a frown as he slips up behind her and startles her…..just as she is discovering Storm has on his class ring and it looks exactly like her dad’s.

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