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Ridge continues to listen but also asks Brooke if she is saying she wants a place in Jack’s life? She paints a rosy picture that their family’s lives are all intertwined already with his children with Taylor and R.J. and now Jack. They are all a part of each other’s lives. She knows he thinks that is a problem, but it doesn’t have to be. She thinks Jack can be the one to bring them all together. No more animosity, just one big happy family.

Felicia visits Ashley in the lab and samples some of her new fragrance vials. Somehow they get on the subject of Taylor and Jack and Ashley confides that Ridge told her about Brooke being the bio mother. Felicia is surprised he would divulge something so personal to his ex-fiancée about his current fiancée. She knows he is struggling with this already. Ashley repeats that Brooke is making no claims on Jack. She knows it sounds like torture to her, but they came up with the idea that works for them. Brooke knows what is at stake….if she wants a future with Ridge then she is going to have to distance herself from Jack.

Taylor returns home and asks Nick how did Jack’s first visit to The Marlin go? Nick quips he thinks he has seawater in his veins. He’s both surprised and disappointed when he finds out that Taylor is planning on going back to work next week. He sold Forrester Creations so they are wealthy people now; she doesn’t have to work. She says oh yes she does and surely he doesn’t expect her just to sit around all day. She’s obviously hurt that he would suggest something like it’s okay for a man to return to work, but for a woman it is selfish. She wants her son to see her return to work and doing something productive and doing something she loves.

Ridge ponders why they are even having this conversation. What is wrong with their family the way it is? They had already discussed the situation and he thought they were in agreement. They finally have a chance to raise their son, to have the marriage and the family that they have always wanted, and now Brooke seems to be saying that just isn’t enough. She tries to make him see that is not what she is saying, but that little boy deserves as much love as any other child. He points out to her that Jack is loved; by his own two parents. He tells her he does not have any negative feelings toward the boy, but he does about this plan. She goes over it again. She knows it will be bumpy at first until they all figure out how they fit in. But, just think how much they will gain and the benefit to their children. If they can just show some faith and some courage and learn to get along. He asks has she thought about Taylor? How is she going to feel having to share Jack with Brooke? She assures him that is not what she is trying to do. He knows this is not what Taylor needs, not with the history between Nick and Brooke. If she really wants Jack to have a happy, stable family, then she needs to back off completely.

Nick reminds Taylor that they have a christening coming up and with her back at work, he’ll handle it. She says okay as long as the caterer isn’t Chuck’s. She’s floored when he asks if it is okay that they invite Ridge and Brooke and the kids? Her kids are going to be there, so Nick thought perhaps they’d want their father there as well. She suspects it is Brooke he is really interested in being there.

Brooke realizes the real reason that Ridge wants no involvement is because of Nick. But, if the four of them would spend some time together then he’d see that there is nothing between her and Nick. Ridge doesn’t think so. They can’t take Nick out of the equation as he is Jack’s father. She says Nick is happily married. Ridge thinks if she wants him to remain so, then let this go. She persists – she thinks if they just approach this and be a little more mature about this and respect each other’s feelings. He says he is asking her to also respect his. She too is not happy when she finds out he confided in Ashley…..the most intimate details of their lives. (never mind that she did the same thing with Nick).

Meanwhile Nick tells Taylor that he doesn’t see any harm in Brooke seeing Jack every now and then. He’s a child and he doesn’t see the family politics. He’s seen how R.J. and Hope look up to Taylor’s kids and Brooke’s kids look up to Rick and Bridget. The whole family is like a pretzel. If they can get along, then why can’t they? He doesn’t believe Brooke will ever try to take Jack away from them. She scoffs that she doesn’t believe she will ever drink again either, but she’s not going to just go hang around in bars so she can see if she can handle it. He asks if she thinks it will be too big a temptation for Brooke to be around Jack? Taylor replies that she just doesn’t want her to be any more part of their lives than she has to be. She goes to put Jack to bed and Nick looks sullen and disappointed, sorry he brought it up.

Brooke says she can’t believe Ridge confided in Ashley, though it was not like some big, dark secret. It was a mix-up at the lab. He agrees, it was a mistake. She resents that, Jack is not a mistake. She also admits it’s been awkward the three of them working in the same building, but she has not demanded that Ashley quit. Ridge reminds her that it was Brooke that signed the papers to give up her claim on Jack. She doesn’t feel their lives are threatened. He knows she means that now, but in the past they have always slipped up. They get distracted thinking nothing can be wrong, this time it’s going to be different. She vows it will be. He says only if they don’t make the same mistakes, just focus on their family. That’s all he wants, just her and the kids. She sighs they can’t just build a fence around their family; it just won’t work. He asks don’t they deserve a little peace now? Haven’t they been doing this long enough to deserve that? And what if he says no that he can’t? Part of raising a kid is letting go. “You need to let go of Nick and Taylor’s child.”

As soon as Ridge leaves to go to a meeting, Brooke gets a phone call from Nick and she is unaware that Ashley just happens by the door and overhears her conversation. Nick wants to talk and Brooke says not here and they agree to meet on The Marlin. Ridge calls Taylor who is distracted because she just put Jack down to sleep. He says he heard about the christening and he’s asking her to keep them off the guest list. He’s okay with Hope and R.J. getting to know Jack someday, but he doesn’t want his family getting mixed up with Jack right now. She says okay and she 100% agrees. She just hopes Brooke feels the same way.

Brooke boards The Marlin and Nick asks her how did it go with Ridge? She replies he couldn’t handle it. He remarks that Taylor feels the same. She says Ridge was really hurt and he’d be even more hurt if he knew she had already seen Jack. Of course she couldn’t tell him. It only happened once and that shouldn’t have happened at all. He laments that there is nothing wrong in seeing this boy. She says it is if she keeps it a secret from Ridge. Her life is with Ridge and the kids and Nick's is with Taylor and Jack. He doesn’t think she should have to choose. Maybe they just need a little more time. She cries no, no more time….no more photos, no more updates, no more involvement of any kind. He asks can she do that? She says she has to…for Ridge, for Taylor, for the future they are committed to. She just can’t see Jack anymore. Never doubt that she loves him, she does and “somehow I have to get over knowing that he is our son.” And it breaks her heart, but she just has to let him go. He goes to her and caresses her face, she slides into his arms. Softly he says that Jack won’t know who she is, but Nick will always know that Brooke loves Jack. As they embrace, Ashley is lurking outside and sees them through the window.

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