B&B Tuesday Update 12/11/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/11/07


Written by Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ashley admits to Ridge that she is oh so busted. She took a little longer for her lunch and is trying to sneak in after doing some Christmas shopping. When she shows him a gift she got for baby Jack, Ridge feels compelled to confess to her that Taylor’s baby’s biological mother is actually Brooke. And it’s been especially hard now with her father being charged with his mother’s shooting. But they are trying to work through it and not let it bother their relationship. He admits they haven’t even been able to settle on a wedding date yet. She jokes that whatever they decide, she hopes she will be included. He quips yes as long as she doesn’t plan to trip the bride.

Nick packs Jack around the Marlin making his funny sailor noises. Brooke comes aboard and tells him he’d better be careful…..argh might be Jack’s first word instead of Mama….and then he’ll even be wearing an eye patch. Nick pulls a teeny one out to join his. She says she was amazed and wondered why he had called for her to meet him there. He says he thought with all going on with her father that she could use a little cheering up. They’d sorta agreed if she needed to see Jack they’d work something out. She asks if Taylor knows? He says no, this was just his first outing with Jack on The Marlin and Brooke just happened to be there with them, it was that simple.

Ashley is stunned when she realizes Ridge is not joking about Brooke and wonders who else knows besides the four of them? He tells her just Bridget and Felicia and that’s the way it needs to stay for now. Further he tells her they wouldn’t even have known had it not been for the bone transplant. He wasn’t sure he could handle this at first, another connection between Nick and Brooke, but he and Brooke have waited a hell of a lifetime for this chance to be together…the child is Nick and Taylor, Brooke is just the donor….that’s all. Any other connection in the future she knows is not going to be possible. Ashley is skeptical that it can actually be that easy, cut and dried. Ridge vows again that Brooke is in no way a part of Jack’s life now.

Brooke gives Jack the bottle and Nick beams at the closeness of mother and child. Yet he realizes she must feel uncomfortable, feeling like she is going behind Taylor’s back to do this. He isn’t uncomfortable, but he does feel some guilt. He can’t help but feel both Taylor and Ridge are being overly sensitive about Brooke being part of Jack’s life. She opines it is secrets, and they have been down that path before. It just hurts the people that they love and they can’t do that to them anymore. With her voice cracking, she coos to Jack that she doesn’t want to leave him……. she has so many hopes and dreams for him that she wants to come true…a wonderful life just like his mother and father…..She kisses Jack’s forehead and reluctantly leaves.

Ridge continues that this was Brooke’s decision, she signed papers. It was a huge sacrifice on her part but she did it for him, their son and family. This was the only way it would work….the very thought of Nick being a part of their life with the baby was more than he could take. She would never do anything to jeopardize that, he is sure of that.

Nick is almost dazed when Brooke returns and says she could no more walk away from this baby than she could R.J. Nick says she shouldn’t have to and laments that Taylor is Jack’s mother and he would never do anything to undermine that and he knows neither would Brooke. And he knows that with Forrester it’s him that is the problem, not Jack. He will do whatever it takes to get him to calm down so she can spend some time and be in this boy’s life. He vows he will do whatever he can, whatever it takes. There is too much at stake here. Their families are so connected….is it too much to ask that everybody get along? Okay, asking for world peace might be easier! He reminds her Jack is going to be christened soon, wouldn’t that make a statement for them to all come together. He remarks that his father was an angry man and he carried a lot of grudges….and he’s even carried a few of his own, but he doesn’t want his son to live like that. He wants his life to be better. It’s got to start there with them. She’s got to go to Forrester and he’s got to go to Taylor and present it honestly in the most positive way. She agrees – put the past behind them for this precious little baby. He says everything will be out in the open, whatever they feel, however they feel, they can deal with it. Yes, she thought she had an ache in her heart, but thanks to Nick……she is going to go tell Ridge…..and this will make all the difference in the world to this sweetie. She hugs Nick and takes one last glance at Jack.

Brooke shows up just as Ashley is leaving and Ridge quips it is a good thing since his bride is stopping by. Would she like to lock the door and fool around? She answers that as tempting as that is, she doesn’t want to be sidetracked. She has come here to talk to him about something very important as a couple and as a family. She tells him she loves him and is looking forward to their future, with him and their child. Nothing could ever change that. And there have been challenges with Stephanie’s shooting and then finding out she was Jack’s biological mother. He tenses and she knows why – just the mention of Nick’s name and the way he feels about him. He reminds her that they have discussed this already and he thought she understood how he felt. She says she does, but……there is this sweet, innocent little baby boy and she has a pull to him. She just wants to be a part of his life. She knows this is not something he wants to hear when he thought it was all settled. But she confesses it is not and never can be when she still has this place in her heart. She knows this is going to be most difficult for him and Taylor, but she’d like the four of them to have a relationship with each other and this little baby.

Ridge says they have talked about it before, and she says she knows, but she thinks there can be another way…a more honest, trusting, truthful way. She meanders on that this baby came into the world under the most difficult of circumstances. But why did they have to look at him like some problem? Why can’t they look at him and just celebrate? Why can’t he be the one to bring two families together? His children, their children……he can be the one to heal all wounds. It could stop all of this animosity. He is better than that, Nick is better than that. Can Ridge do that? Can he accept this little boy into his heart? It’s really not going to change anything….not the way she feels about him, her love or commitment to him. Ridge is silent but listens as she finishes. “Please, just accept him.” Just let him be the one to bring them together, not divide them. There also was a child who did that many, many years ago for the world. She reminds him it is almost Christmas. Let them bring the families together…it’s time for that. Let this little boy do this for them?

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