B&B Monday Update 12/10/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/10/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie just cannot believe Stephen actually shot her. She claims she always thought of him more as a coward never a violent man. Stephanie treats Pam as though she is the family idiot claiming she always sees the good in people and can’t see past that. Stephanie is adamant that she go over to Brooke’s house to confront Stephen and the girls with the laptop. Stephanie orders Pam to pack up the laptop so she can leave immediately.

Eric doesn’t think Stephanie should go but Stephanie won’t listen to reason. She makes her way to her feet heading out the door. Eric won’t hear of Stephanie going over there alone. He is going to drive her. Eric pulls the car around. Pam says with wonder, “He really does love you.” Stephanie turns and coldly asks if Pam really thought that he didn’t. Stephanie has no more regard for Pam’s feelings than she has Pam’s entire life.

Pam shares a sandwich with tiny talking to him about the way she is treated by everyone. The phone rings and Pam answers as if she is the hired help. It’s her and Stephanie’s mother. She has returned from her cruise and quickly attacks Pam’s child like demeanor and crush on Eric. Pam’s mother believes that Pam shot her sister. Pam tries to deny hurting Stephanie but cannot bring herself to out and out lie to the mother that she fears. Pam and her mother bicker about Pam’s jealousy over Stephanie’s wonderful life and Pam’s miserable life and most of all Pam’s crush on Eric.

Her mother’s words hurt Pam, reducing her tears as her mother goes on that Eric could and would never love Pam and will only hurt her because that is what men do. Cutting to the chase and returning to the subject of Stephanie Pam is ordered by her hateful yet protective mother to pack up Tiny and go directly to the airport to come home. Pam is told not to stick around to say good-bye or to speak to anyone along the way, especially not the police. Pam complies to her strict parent.

Katie viciously attacks Stephen for his past and current actions and lies. She is screaming accusations of guilt and bringing up every little detail from her childhood that she can think of. Stephen admits he was a horrible and neglectful father but he did not shoot Stephanie. Donna is just as passionate about her father’s innocence, but Katie will not let up. Donna begs for Brooke to chime in and help convince Katie that Stephen couldn’t have shot Stephanie. Brooke just hangs out in the background unable to make up her mind about her father’s guilt or innocence. Brooke listens and waits saying very little if anything. Stephen admits the ring looks like his but it isn’t his because he didn’t shoot anyone, least of all Stephanie Forrester. Brooke is on the fence. She doesn’t want to believe Stephen shot Stephanie, but he does have a history of letting them all down, though he was never violent towards them. Stephen believes the video was made after the shooting to frame him. He has a lot of enemies, especially the Foresters. Stephen even goes as fat as to claim maybe Eric shot his own wife.

When Stephanie and Eric arrive Stephen claims that someone, anyone could have set that up and filmed it at any time. Katie jumps right on board with Stephanie and Eric’s accusations of guilt while Donna is frantic with fear that her father will take the fall for the shooting. Stephanie asks for a confession but Stephen will not admit to something he did not do. Lt. Baker and Charlie arrive to re-arrest Stephen for breaking into Stephanie’s house and for the new evidence on the laptop.

Before Stephen is led away he asks to speak with Brooke not the only daughter that he has left that believes in him. Donna is on the phone trying desperately to get a hold of Storm. Stephen maintains he did not shoot Stephanie and asks Brooke to clear his name. Brooke agrees that she will find out who shot Stephanie and tells Stephen she believes him when he says he didn’t do it.

Eric tries to apologize to Donna but she isn’t so weak and so in love that she doesn’t stand up for what she believes and that is someone is lying and trying to frame Stephen. Donna still vows that Stephen didn’t shoot Stephanie.

Taylor is home! She appears to be happy to see Jack, holding him and caring for him the way a mother should. Nick is glad his wife has returned, but can’t get the image of Brooke holding Jack out of his mind. Taylor lays jack down for the evening and returns. She and Nick discus Stephanie and her shooting. Taylor just can’t believe Stephen would act so violently. Nick doesn’t really want to talk about his enemies but Taylor is concerned and filled with regret that she and Stephanie have grown so far apart in the recent months.

Nick wants to mess around but Taylor keeps listening into the silence worried that the quiet night air could mean something is wrong with Jack. Nick points out that they have the baby monitor for a reason and Jack is fine. Taylor feels that she can and is loving Jack just the way she did with her other children. Nick knew she would come around.

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