B&B Friday Update 12/7/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/7/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ashley and Rick reconnect as friends, when Ashley discovers Rick saved her from a lot of embarrassment. Rick was supposed to mail her and Ridge’s wedding invitations in Paris but didn’t. He explains he had every intention of mailing them, but as he stood by the mailbox, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Ashley acts as though she is angry at first then bursts out laughing. Ashley is glad that they weren’t sent out, only for the world to turn around and know the engagement was off. She had wondered why she didn’t receive one phone call or email from anyone who would have received an invitation and now it is perfectly clear. Rick saved her from having to explain that while she was away the Ridge and Brooke train came barreling through her life. This incident just reminds Ashley of the man she came to LA in search of. The good man that accepted her and her faults no matter what. The man that was a lover and a friend. The man that never gave up on her. Ashley thanks Rick for being her friend whether he thought she was wrong or right for getting involved with Ridge.

Stephanie has had, enough of baby sister Pam’s home cooking and motherly love. She wants Pam and Tiny to go. Even just for now Stephanie wants Pam gone out of her sight and in hopes of Pam returning to Chicago for good today or tomorrow. Pam makes excuses that she has all this baking she promised she would have done. Very well. Stephanie orders her to finish whatever it is she has planned and then leave. Pam flitters about making Eric comfortable and happy more so than the patient. Eric is excited about all of the homemade goodies he normally doesn’t get to enjoy. Like a kid he asks Stephanie if he can lick the wooden spoon. Eric’s enthusiasm makes Stephanie smile. Of course, she sends Eric off to the kitchen with Pam.

While Eric is licking the spoon with gingerbread batter in the kitchen, Stephen lets himself in through the terrace doors. Stephanie is frightened and calls out for Eric. Stephen only broke in to show her that she is a sitting duck. He didn’t shoot her and who ever did could be waiting for their second chance. Stephen has a tone of desperation and truth in his voice. Stephanie notices but doesn’t say anything, she is ready to let him go down for her shooting just because she hates him. Eric kicks Stephen out and calls Lt. Baker. Pam babbles on and on about Stephens guilt.

Donna and Storm are all Stephen has left. Brooke just can’t get over Stephen’s past with the family, enough to trust that he didn’t shoot Stephanie. Donna doesn’t understand Brooke’s back and forth opinion on the matter. Donna pleads with her sister to believe Stephen didn’t shoot Stephanie. Donna is desperate to rally her family behind her father. Donna and Brooke debate Stephen’s guilt, until Katie calls with a bombshell. Katie asks to meet with Donna and Brooke at Brooke’s house.

She and Jake isolated the frames where the hand and gun appear on the video. With max zoom they can make out, a man’s hand, wearing a ring, identical to Stephen’s class ring that he never takes off. Though Katie had assumed Stephen was guilty before now the photo is startling. Katie rushes to her sister’s house with blown up copies of the frames. Jake takes his laptop to the Forrester house with the new evidence. Eric and Stephanie are a little surprised, despite Stephen’s arrest, to see the proof right in front of them. Jake asks Eric if he wants Jake to take the footage to the police. No need, Eric explains they are on their way there now. Eric asks Jake if he will leave his laptop so they can show Lt. Baker and Charlie. Jake agrees with no problem.

Katie has time to show the photos to Donna and Brooke just before Stephen drops by. Donna still won’t accept that the photo is of their father. She is almost in tears and at her wits end begging her sisters not to turn on Stephen. The girls, specifically Katie, confront Stephen with their proof. He still denies being guilty and claims he has been framed. Katie is angry and wants him to pay, certain of his guilt now. There’s no way he was framed with these photos Katie exclaims. She goes on to tell how it was pure accident that she and Jake found the footage. There is no way anyone especially Jake could have altered or doctored the photos, she was with him from the time they discovered it until she came over to show what they had found.

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