B&B Thursday Update 12/6/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/6/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Jake and Katie could be moments away from discovering who actually shot Stephanie! But first let’s go back earlier in the day. Katie is storming about telling anyone who will listen that she believes her father is guilty, until she runs into Jake. First arguing with Donna over Stephen’s guilt that Donna believes is a complete fabrication. Donna is desperate to find the truth and save her father from an attempted murder charge. Katie just doesn’t understand how Stephen could be innocent for one, and for two how Donna can stand by him so passionately. Donna is just as confused only she can’t understand Katie’s cold heart and lack of concern.

Katie brings up another soar subject for Donna. Eric moving Stephanie back into the house. If he is in love with Donna how could he have done such a thing. Even if Eric has the best of intentions, which Katie claims she is sure he does, Stephanie will use this to her advantage. Donna knows her little sister has a valid point. She decides she had better go over and make it clear that Eric is hers now. Donna swings open the door to leave and finds Lt. Baker and Charlie on the other side. They have a few more questions. Katie is quick to point her finger at Stephen and leave the case at that at. Donna goes to the Forresters and Katie gets back to work until she runs into Jake.

On the day of the fashion show, Jake had promised to show Katie video footage from a concert when they both had more time. Lucky for Jake and Katie today they have that time. As Jake looks for the concert on his video camera he discovers it has been recorded over on the day of the fashion show. He searches the tape for at least a bit of the concert but only finds that in the concerts place, is first a confrontation between Brooke and Stephanie, then Stephanie and Donna. The gun shot can be heard and a hand holding the gun can be seen. Katie can’t believe what she is seeing. She pressures Jake to blow the frame up or freeze it so they can get a better look at what is on the video.

Jackie Marone is back in LA, and as flirty as ever. First making the detectives wait while she freshens up. Jackie is full of her sexual appeal and glee that Stephanie was shot. Lt. Baker and Charlie find it hard to question the over-sexed vixen, everything they ask comes back to a flippant flirtatious remark. Clarke doesn’t help tame the seductress, he finds her amusing. Jackie changes her tune when she begins to see the line of questioning leaning on her as a suspect. Lt. Baker assures her she isn’t. When they are alone Clarke asks Jackie to be honest with him. Jackie is insulted that he would ask such a thing.

Still hurt by Clarke’s accusation that she could have been the shooter, Jackie produces the reason she was running from Forrester that day. She slipped into Eric’s office and stole photographs of his next collection. Clarke is proud of his new boss following nicely in the footsteps of his old boss, sally Spectra.

Stephanie seems to have a new hold on life. She survived a shooting, seems to have won her husband back, is adored by all of her children, and best of all Stephen Logan has been arrested for the shooting. Eric and the kids have brought Stephanie home. Pam and Tiny are right there to welcome big sister home. Stephanie celebrates and reads get well cards with her family. Pam plants herself right next to Stephanie acting as though she is so concerned and happy Stephanie is home. Tiny rushes in and startles Stephanie and Felicia. The entire family is surprised at the large ferocious dog that Tiny is. Just like Donna warned. Stephanie is just so happy to be alive and back at home she is accepting of the dog, until he starts barking at something or someone outside. It’s Donna.

Donna had come over to make sure Stephanie isn’t using her shooting as an opportunity to get Eric back, but runs off after watching Eric gently kiss Stephanie’s hand. Eric follows. They go to the guest house to speak. Donna is very emotional fearing that she is losing Eric. Eric explains that he does love her but he has an obligation to help Stephanie recover. Donna also wants Eric to know Stephen did not shoot Stephanie regardless of what the police think.

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