B&B Wednesday Update 12/5/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/5/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Brooke beams with pride as she holds Jack. Nick is happy that Jack’s biological mother is having such a calming effect on the baby that was fussy just moments ago. Nick is happy to see Brooke so content as well. Nick can see how much it means to his ex-wife to hold her baby and feels she should be allowed to see Jack. Just the thought of it upsets Brooke thought she admits to feeling a connection. Brooke admits she feels the connection, but neither of their relationships can afford the trouble it will cause. Nick claims he has a stable relationship and Brooke nervously replies she does too. Nick produces the photo Ridge returned to him. Nick feels it is unfair to Brooke that Ridge doesn’t allow her to explore her feelings.

Nick has faith Taylor will come around and hopes, for Brooke’s sake, Ridge will too. Nick wants Brooke to be a part of Jack’s life. Brooke remembers the times they once shared as a family she asks if they can maybe all one day have good times like that together. Nick is doubtful but will remain hopeful. Until that time comes he promises that they will figure out a way for Brooke to spend time with Jack in secret.

Brooke changes the subject and tells Nick about Stephen being arrested. Nick has his doubts of Stephen’s guilt because he too was a suspect . Brooke wants to believe her father but his past can’t help but come up in her mind. Nick points out that Stephen came to LA as soon as he knew Brooke needed him and that’s what a good parent does. They come when their child needs them, much like she did tonight when she felt Jack needed her. Being called a good parent makes Brooke smile.

Donna and Katie disagree about Stephen’s innocence. Katie is quite vocal and aggressive about her belief Stephen cannot be trusted and probably did shoot Stephanie. Donna is almost in tears believing the foresters, specifically Stephanie is behind the entire thing. Donna begs Katie to believe in Stephen’s innocence.

When Storm and Stephen arrive back at the hotel, from the jail, Katie makes her feelings towards her father known. Stephen begs Katie to believe him but she won’t, and disowns Stephen as her father. Stephen cannot believe what he is hearing. Katie reminds Stephen of all of the times he was never there for them as they grew up and all of the countless promises that he didn’t keep. Katie storms out. Storm and Donna remain by Stephen’s side and believe he isn’t guilty.

Stephen is quiet in thought thinking about Katie’s cruel words and remembering what he felt and what his kids must have felt all those years ago. Stephen realizes that he only left out of fear and self-loathing and he had no idea how it would hurt his own children. Donna tries to tell her father things weren’t that bad but Stephen can’t go back and won’t accept that. Stephen knows he failed them all when he abandoned them, but his children have become great people, especially Storm.

Storm is moved by Stephen’s realization. With tears in his eyes, Storm remembers what it was like after Stephen left. Storm feels like that time in his life made him a better person and made him the great lawyer that he is to fight for right and wrong. That is exactly what is going to help prove Stephen’s innocence. Stephen asks for forgiveness, and a chance to make it up to the kids, once his name is cleared. Donna and Storm promise they will give him a chance to be a real father for once. Donna and Stephen are confidant that Storm can clear their father’s name. Storm vows to find who shot Stephanie.

Charlie feels the investigation is closed, but his veteran father has news for his son. When it comes to the Forresters, nothing is open and shut. Just as they are about to look at the security surveillance from the day of the shooting, perky Pam arrives with fresh baked cookies. Lt. Baker and Charlie say very little to the bubbly sister of the victim. Pam sees herself out after trying to make small talk about the case and the detectives remain silent. Lt. Baker turns around and puts Pam on the suspect list

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