B&B Tuesday Update 12/4/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/4/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Nick isn’t surprised, or relieved, that someone else has been arrested for shooting Stephanie when Ridge inquires if Nick is glad he and Jackie are off the hook. Nick smartly replies “I didn‘t know we were on the hook.“ Ridge questions Nick about why Jackie left town so suddenly after the show. Simple, Nick explains, she had business over seas launching the new line. With that said, Nick is ready to go home to his son. Not so fast, Ridge stops Nick cutting him off at the path.

Speaking of Nick’s son, Ridge wants to discus Jack and Brooke with Nick. Ridge produces the photo of the infant from his pocket. Ridge makes it clear he thinks it was completely inappropriate for Nick to give Brooke the photo and to continue to encourage her to bond with the baby. Nick can tell it is Ridge’s own insecurities that is driving him to pressure Nick to leave Brooke out of his life with Jack.

Nick defends Brooke, and her feelings and doesn’t feel he owes Ridge any explanation. Ridge tells Nick he doesn’t want Brooke baited into feelings, for him and his son. Nick ignores the comment and goes home to his new son.

Just as Ridge is trying to convince Nick, Brooke doesn’t want or need to be in Jack’s life, Brooke phones the house after telling Katie the truth about Jack’s biology. Katie and Brooke had arrived home from their father’s hotel room after Stephen’s arrest. Katie is ready to burn Stephen at the steak but Brooke is finally ready to believe in her father. Katie is very accusatory and unwilling to accept goodness or change in her father. Katie is concerned for the future of Brooke and Ridge’s relationship. Brooke’s father is accused of shooting Ridge’s beloved mother, that can’t make for a peaceful relationship. Brooke admits the last couple of days has been trying on their relationship but they will get through this among other things. This prompts Katie to ask what else is going on. Brooke admits to being Jack’s biological mother. Brooke explains about the mix up in the lab. Brooke also tells Katie of jumping to conclusions and accusing Taylor of not being a good mother when she learned Taylor isn’t breast feeding. Brooke feels she must call and apologize. Brooke is alarmed to hear Jack crying in the back ground, and a strange lady with an accent answer the phone. Brooke asks for Taylor but the nanny tells her Taylor isn’t home.

Brooke rushes over, assuming something is very wrong. Nick had just arrived home from work before Brooke knocked at the door in a panic. Everything is fine. Brooke tries to back peddle seeing that she is over stepping boundaries and intruding where she shouldn‘t be for Nick and Taylor and for her and Ridge. She learns, Taylor has left town to visit her father who is sick, without Jack. Brooke passes judgment once more and makes it known she doesn’t like the way Taylor seems to be making herself and her needs a priority over Jack’s. Nick reminds Brooke it would not have been healthy for Jack to travel with his immune system still very fragile.

The nanny interrupts bringing Jack to Nick. He is still fussy. Brooke asks if she can hold him. Nick allows Brooke to hold the crying baby. Jack is quiet immediately after being placed in Brooke’s arms. Nick can’t help but smile seeing his son in his biological mother’s arms.

Ridge is having difficulty accepting Jack’s true paternity, even though Nick and Brooke, assure him Brooke has no connection to the baby. The weight of Brooke and Nick’s connection along with business and Stephanie’s shooting is weighing heavily on Ridge.

Ashley is handling things like a team player at the office, while the family focuses on Stephanie. Ashley find herself overwhelmed with calls from the press wanting a comment about Stephanie and her condition while Ashley’s focus is on the raving success of the fashion show that has been over shadowed.

Phoebe drops in to check on her. Ashley says she like to stay busy it helps her. Phoebe knows what that means, it helps her to keep her mind off Ridge. Ashley was heart broken and did care for Ridge but she has lived through worse she tells the young girl .They talk about Ashley’s failed relationship with Ridge. Phoebe confides she wishes Ridge had stayed with Ashley. Ridge and Brooke are more of a habit than a real destiny Phoebe believes and so does Rick.

Later Ridge drops in to see how things are going. Ashley and Ridge have a chance to relax and talk as friends. Ashley doesn’t harbor any resentment or hard feelings. Being reminded of what a great lady Ashley is, Ridge is feeling a twinge of regret for letting her go out of his life.

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