B&B Monday Update 12/3/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/3/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Pardon the pun, but Stephen goes ballistic as he is handcuffed to a chair at the police station. What is taking Forensics so long to determine if the gun found in his room was the one who shot Stephanie? And even if it was, that doesn’t prove he shot her. He proclaims he is innocent and claims he was framed and demands to be released. Storm feels it is someone in the Forrester family who is trying for retribution.

With Pam and Eric ensconced in Stephanie’s room, Ridge enters and gives her a kiss. She tells him she still gets nervous even with a guard outside her door. The shooter is still out there and still a threat. Pam quips that perhaps Stephanie should make a list of all that dislike her…..of course that would take all night. They discuss the suspects of Donna, Brooke and Stephen although Eric says they need to widen their net, it could be anyone. And Ridge emphatically tells them they can cross Brooke off the list, they are not going there. And even though the police have questioned Nick, he has a few questions of his own he wants to ask that bastard.

Clarke confronts Nick and speculates where he and his mother were when Stephanie was shot. Eric even called to ask where Jackie was. Nick tells him to watch his mouth; his mother didn’t shoot anybody. Brooke joins her sisters in Stephen’s hotel room and is shocked when they tell her about Lt. Baker being there and taking their father to the police station. Neither Donna nor Brooke thinks he can be guilty; Katie is less convinced, she can see possibilities. They are defensive with each other of their whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Charlie tells his dad that the gun in Stephen’s room was the one who shot Stephanie. And it was wiped clean of prints, but he thinks they got their man. Stephen barks they don’t. Stephanie Forrester is framing him and they are helping her.

Storm claims they first named Donna and now Stephen, so if it was a Logan, he’s one also, perhaps he is guilty. Baker says no, he was on the phone with him at the time of the shooting, so he’s off the hook. Stephen demands again that he is innocent, they are making a mistake. Despite that, Baker asks that they book Stephen.

Ridge barges into Nick’s office and asks, “where were you and Jackie when my mother was shot?” Nick asks if he has a search warrant? Ridge asks if he looks like a cop? Nick says he has a better question – what was his mother even doing in that building? He wanted Brooke to be able to work somewhere away from that sick, vindictive woman. Ridge vows no matter what her sins were, it doesn’t give anyone the right to put a bullet in her. So Nick can just go around and dole out his own brand of justice? He steps closer and again asks did he or not shoot his mother?

Stephanie tells Eric thanks for letting her come back to the house. She’ll be on her best behavior. But he has to promise her too that he will never see Donna Logan again. He tells her he is going to check into a hotel; he wants her to be as comfortable and snuggly as possible. Pam will be there to help her. He just wants her to focus on the person that shot her.

Pam glares at them as he says this and kisses Stephanie's hand.

Stephen empties the contents of his pockets and hands over his watch and rings, glasses. He’s fingerprinted and mugged. Storm says he will work on trying to get him out tonight. Stephen just wants to make his one phone call. Lt. Baker pays Stephanie another visit and asks her to identify the gun as the one belonging to her that she had given Brooke. They are floored and stunned to hear Stephen has been arrested. Stephanie offers Eric an apology; she was so sure it was Donna. Stephen damn near killed her. Pam quips if only his aim had been a wee bit better. Meanwhile Donna blames this all on herself for bringing her dad to town in the first place.

Saved by the bell, Ridge is unable to answer Nick about what he will do next. Eric calls and tells him they have made an arrest – Brooke’s father. Nick is listening and bemoans that the dressmaker is wrong again. No apology necessary. Pam hands the phone to Stephanie and she is surprised it is Stephen. He wants her to know he’s been arrested. She states she hopes they throw away the key. Likewise he informs her he only has one thing to say to her.

He knows she feels all safe and secure and he doesn’t even know why he is warning her, but she better keep her eyes and ears open because the shooter is still out there. If that person hates her as much as he does, they will be back to finish the job. She ponders, what if Stephen didn’t do it? Who hates her enough to want to see her dead?

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