B&B Friday Update 11/30/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/30/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Storm has assembled the family together to go over Stephanie’s accusation and their defense. Donna is almost frantic fearing that she will be arrested any moment. Stephen and Storm try to comfort Donna but her nerves are shot. Katie seems to be the real concern. She is nervous and acting very strangely. Katie is almost and at times aggressive with her family that is only trying to save them all. Stephen assumes her aggression is towards him and her belief that Stephen is the guilty party. Katie storms off to the restroom. When she returns she is much calmer but still on edge. No matter how unstable things may be right now the one thing they know is no one within the family shot Stephanie so they must cooperate fully with the police. Stephen agrees though he voices that he wishes Stephanie had been shot a long time ago.

Stephanie is alert and speaking with her family. When Lt. Baker and Charlie Baker arrive to get her statement they don’t even have to ask before she blurts out Donna Logan shot me. Lt. Baker want a little more than just the word of Stephanie who didn’t see the gun or the trigger being pulled. Stephanie remembers Brooke telling her that Brooke had Stephanie’s gun in her desk drawer. When they checked the office there wasn’t a gun found. Lt. Baker and Charlie go to Stephen’s hotel room. They ask if they can search or have a look around. Storm wants a warrant but Stephen tells them it is okay because he nor his family have nothing to hide. Lt. Baker gets to accusatory that Stephen and Storm become uncomfortable and call off the search. It’s too late. Charlie comes from the restroom with Stephanie’s gun. This is a surprise to everyone in the room. Since the gun was found in Stephen’s room and Stephen was being looked at as the possible shooter he is arrested for the attempted murder of Stephanie Forrester.

Pam has brought food and comfortable items from home to include some slippers Stephanie had in her hotel room. Stephanie asks how Pam got them and she claims she can be slippery when she wants to be. Stephanie isn’t as touched or as welcoming as her family is to Pam’s down home loving and concern. Pam tells Stephanie she is going to be her personal maid and nurse while Stephanie recovers. Stephanie would prefer a real nurse, Eric agrees maybe that would be best.

Felicia, Thorne, and Eric fall all over Stephanie and she laps up the attention especially from Eric. Eric leans over Stephanie telling her she needs to heal in a place of comfort and ease. Thorne agrees and insists Stephanie move in with him and Ally but Eric has other plans. Stephanie needs to heal as does their family, she is going to move back into their house. Stephanie is happy to hear the offer.

Brooke stares at the photo of Jack that Nick gave her. Ridge catches her and disapproves. He doesn’t understand how they are ever going to move past this issue of Jack if Brooke continues to try and be a part of his life. Brooke doesn’t want to lose Ridge and their future so she gives him the photo to give back to Nick. That argument is settled but another one flares up. Ridge believes a Logan shot his mother and Brooke believes her family is innocent. They begin to argue and disagree but Ridge asks that they just let their relationship be and enjoy what they have right now. Brooke agrees. They go to bed and make love

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