B&B Thursday Update 11/29/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/29/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Eric meets with his children, Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne in his Forrester Creations office.  .  He updates them on Stephanie’s condition and what she is saying happened.  Stephanie was awake for a bit last night and is talking about the shooting but she is weak, disoriented, and on heavy pain medication, he begins.  Eric gets right to his point.  Stephanie said Donna shot her but he doesn’t believe Stephanie.  He doesn’t think Stephanie is lying on purpose he just thinks she is confused.  The kids are ready to tear Donna apart when they hear Stephanie named her as the shooter, especially Felicia.  Ridge isn‘t as vocal as his brother and sister but does agree with them that the police need to be notified.  Eric tells the children that he believes Donna.  He asked her point blank and he thinks she is telling the truth.

Donna bursts through the door, vehemently denying she had anything to do with shooting Stephanie.  Donna has given it much thought, she is ready to point the finger at other people, outside of her family.  Jackie is one good suspect and then there is someone who has motive and is “Nuttier than a fruitcake” The person she believes had the most reason and is crazy enough, to do it is Pam, Stephanie‘s sister. 

Just as the name rolls off Donna’s lips, Pam appears with lemon squares and a smile.  the family welcomes Pam is and is eager to taste the homemade goodies.  Pam loves the adoring attention from her nieces and nephews and especially Eric’s flattery and appreciation.  Felicia and Thorne will not accept Donna speaking that way about their aunt.  They are certain it was Donna, indeed, that shot their mother. 

Eric is heavy in thought weighing all that has occurred in the last 24 hours, when Donna comes to him.  She asks if he still loves her.  Of course, he tells her, and he believes she didn’t try to hurt Stephanie but her father is a different story.  Donna gets upset swearing no matter what Stephen has said or done in his past he isn‘t a murderer.  Eric doesn’t want to debate this matter with Donna and for now he must be there for Stephanie and his family.  Donna understands that is one of the biggest reasons she loves him. 

Bridget meets with Brooke at the office to try and convince Brooke to let go, of her issues and concerns about how Jack is being cared for.  Brooke can’t help but care about “her child”, Brooke makes the slip multiple times, frustrating Bridget more.  Bridget tells Brooke and Brooke doesn’t like it, Jack is not her child, he is Taylor and Brooke’s child and that is how it must be.  Brooke doesn’t see it that way, that child is a part of her and always will be.  Finally Bridget lays it out in a truth Brooke doesn’t like.  If you continue to think of Jack as your son, you will lose Ridge and RJ.  Brooke can’t believe Bridget is speaking to her this way, denying that her involvement with jack and her care for him could damage her future with Ridge and RJ.  “You must know” Bridget says, “what this will do to your future with Ridge?”

Ridge is listening at the door, and doesn’t disagree.  As a matter of fact, his deep voices booms with agreement with the young doctor.  Brooke tries to make excuses for her concern, explaining what is wrong in the Marone household but Ridge doesn’t want to hear it.  He wants the future she promised and feels he fell for her lies of happiness at last for them and their son.  If she doesn’t realize and accept Jack as Nick and Taylor’s son, then they will not have a future.  Brooke weeps and promises that she will not let anyone, or anything, destroy their future and happiness, but she looks longingly at Jack’s photo as Ridge holds her in his arms. 

Lt.  Baker and son, work to compile their official suspect list.  Discussing each individual possible, the list is comprised of the following: Jackie, Nick, Brooke, Donna, Katie, and Stephen.  Katie is looked at pretty closely but doesn’t seem to have as strong of a motive as the rest do.  Donna seems to have the most reason for wanting Stephanie dead but until ballistics come back, and they talk to Stephanie, the police aren’t ruling anyone out.  The ballistics report is back.  The shell casing has clear striations and it was a 22 caliber gun that was used to shoot Stephanie.  Also, they have been informed that Stephanie is awake and ready to be questioned. 

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