B&B Wednesday Update 11/28/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/28/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Though Bridget’s step-mother is in the hospital with a potentially fatal gunshot wound, she finds time to make a house call for baby Jack. Bridget is pleased to report that Jack is in good health and can come out of isolation. Nick is thrilled to hear the good news. Now their big concern is ensuring he gains some much needed weight. Bridget has special formula for the tyke that should take care of that.

Brooke has stopped by because Taylor asked her to. Taylor has signed the papers relinquishing Brooke of any legal and parental rights. Brooke says she is glad to get the papers but she acts as though she is disappointed. Nick and Bridget are busy with the baby and neither take real time to stop and talk to Brooke. Brooke watches a bit hurt that she isn’t part of the care for Jack. When Brooke overhears that Jack will be fed formula and not breast fed she gets upset. Brooke has no qualms about expressing her unhappiness over the baby’s feeding procedures. Nick and Bridget tell Brooke at first it’s frankly none of her business and get back to the matter at hand.

Brooke will not leave and becomes irritated that her ex-husband and daughter will not listen to her feelings on the matter. It is “her” baby after all. Bridget and Nick try to explain that it is the best thing for the baby’s health and he is not missing out on any love or affection just because he isn’t breast fed. Brooke can’t accept that. She cannot go on knowing that Taylor is not caring for ‘her” child the way she should be. Bridget rolls her eyes knowing that this is not a simple misunderstanding, Brooke is doing what she has done her entire life. Nick really doesn’t care what Brooke thinks and doesn’t want Brooke believing the baby is hers at all. Brooke stays although Nick and Bridget make it clear they don’t want her to. Brooke badgers on that she needs to know Taylor can love “their child” the way he needs to be loved.

When Nick begins to really lower the boom on Brooke for her behavior and claim to Jack, she tears up. Brooke asks Nick to please not turn his back on her , “…especially not now.” On the verge of crying Nick falls for the weepy eyes of his ex-wife and asks what is going on. Brooke claims she needs him more than ever since Stephanie is saying that a member of her family shot the Forrester matriarch. Nick holds her and tells Brooke he won’t ever turn his back on her.

Eric and Donna speak in his bedroom about Stephanie and her situation or condition. Donna is begging Eric to believe that she didn’t shoot Stephanie Eric says he believes her but thinks it would be best if Donna go home for tonight. Donna is hesitant to leave Eric alone in his emotional condition. He isn’t he tells Donna. Pam, Stephanie’s sister, is staying at the house. Donna immediately begins to put the pieces together. It’s quite a coincidence that Stephanie’s estranged resentful sister came to town mysteriously on the day Stephanie was shot. Eric won’t entertain the idea that Pam would hurt a fly no less, shoot her own sister.

Little does Eric know, Pam is at the hospital standing over Stephanie as she lay sleeping. Pam recounts the miserable life she was left behind to live while Stephanie lived in paradise and had everything she could ever want. Pam’s words seem to say love but her tone and underlying accusations say something entirely different. Malice!

Eric tells Donna he loves and believes her, he just needs to be alone for tonight. Before Donna leaves, Eric proves his love by taking her and kissing her. Pam is back from the hospital and sees the kiss. It angers her.

Pam is waiting for Donna as she bounces out the door to leave. Pam is waving the thong she found in the laundry; it has been shredded. Pam claims her dog Tiny got a hold of it. Pam tosses it at Donna while expressing her disgust, hate, and jealousy of the sexy new woman in Eric’s life. Donna is reading Pam loud and clear, she is possessive of her sister’s husband. She is possessive of the man she wants for herself.

The ladies exchange heated insults and accusations before Pam sics her ferocious Doberman pincher, Tiny, on Donna. The dog has Donna cornered and running for her life as he growls and snarls at Donna. Donna manages to get the door open and run into the courtyard, she turns to look over her shoulder to find Pam yelling after her “Don’t ever come back!”

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