B&B Tuesday Update 11/27/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/27/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Eric just cannot believe Donna would have shot Stephanie. Leaning frantically over his injured wife begging “Are you sure? Did you see Donna pull the trigger?“ Maybe you just saw Donna?“ Eric would give anything not to be placed in the middle between attempted homicide accusations. Stephanie says Donna’s name over and over growing weaker with each “Donna.” Stephanie can see Donna looking through the door at her victim. Donna feels horrible that Stephanie has been hurt, and more horrible that she must watch the man she loves caress and comfort her enemy. Stephanie has been administered a sedative, but she is certain it was Donna that shot her, before she passes out.

Distraught, Eric notices Donna staring through the glass. He confronts Donna about the allegations. Donna denies having any involvement or anyone from her family. Eric tells her right away that Stephanie was awake and speaking . Stephanie and named her shooter and it was you! Donna becomes emotional, begging Eric to believe that she did not shoot Stephanie. Donna goes as far as to accuse Stephanie of shooting herself if it wasn’t one of her very many enemies. Eric is so torn between the two women he loves. Eric can’t imagine Stephanie having the ability and forethought to frame Donna or wrongly accuse her just to get Donna out of Eric’s life. But he can’t bring himself to believe Donna would go so far as to shoot Stephanie. Eric asks Donna to go home he wants to stay with Stephanie through the night. Eric cold rejection of Donna breaks her heart. She knows that she didn’t shoot Stephanie and once again Stephanie is lying to get what she wants.

Eric doesn’t know what, or who, to believe. The nurse tells Eric he should go home, before Stephanie passed out she suggested Eric go home, clean up and get some rest. She assures him she will be fine. Stephanie is fine and she won’t awaken until morning anyway. Eric agrees. At home Eric thinks hard about what he is faced with and notices a strange odor in the house. It smells like pot roast, but Eric doesn’t understand. Eric stands searching for the source of the smell. Who could be cooking pot roast after what has happened?

Pam emerges from the kitchen with a homemade pot roast. Eric is surprised and in almost a state of disbelief over seeing Pam in his house. He had no idea she was in town and certainly can’t understand cooking a huge meal after what has happened. Pam knows about Stephanie she tells him as though she heard a rumor about a stranger and it wasn’t her own sister lying in a hospital bed barely hanging on to life. She is happy to be “sally home maker for the man she is secretly in love with” as she explains, she came to the show but couldn’t get in, even after she called Stephanie and said she wanted to attend. Pam seems quite upset that she was not permitted entrance into Eric’s big show. Eric apologizes and reminds Pam he had no idea she wanted to attend the event. Pam was driving to the house when she heard about the shooting on the radio, she claims. Pam tells Eric, she thought after the day he’s had, he needed a home cooked meal, so she rushed to the house and made his favorite. Eric is a little stunned by all of the developments from the day. Pam forces her kindness on Eric, feeding him the pot roast herself although he really didn‘t feel like eating. .

Pam goes on to tell Eric she plans to stay and help out while he is busy with Stephanie‘s recovery. She has already put her bags in the guest room, if that is okay with him. Pam appears to be bubbling over with kindness, care, and concern for all.

This is fine, Eric replies, but he isn’t alone in the house, anymore, and Pam must respect the woman in his life. Pam admits she had, had a long conversation with Stephanie about the separation and was aware that Eric was seeing someone. Pam is almost giddy discussing Stephanie’s heartbreak over the end of her marriage, but knows that Stephanie is strong and will recover fine. She agrees to respect and accept Eric’s other house guests and lady friends, as if it isn’t a problem. Pam encourages Eric to go up stairs and take a warm bath that she had drawn from him and get a good night’s sleep she has already turned down his bed for him. While folding clothes Pam discovers a sexy little thong after lovingly folding a pair of Eric‘s boxer shorts. The thong angers her and Pam glares with hate at the staircase.

Donna goes to Stephanie’s bedside after Eric leaves for the evening. Donna asks Stephanie is she really happy with what she has done. Donna talks to her self angry with Stephanie and her accusations that Donna shot her. Donna has her own accusations. Stephanie shot her self to get attention. Stephanie comes to startled to find Donna standing over her injured body once again. Stephanie asks for Donna to leave and tries to call out for the nurse but she isn’t strong enough to get help. Stephanie is a t Donna’s mercy. Donna swears she didn’t shoot Stephanie and has an ominous warning for the groggy patient. If Stephanie didn’t shoot herself, and Donna didn’t do it, the shooter is still out there.

Ridge and Brooke, are once again faced with an ultimatum. Ridge is furious and completely convinced a Logan shot Stephanie. Brooke is just as certain, no one in her family shot Stephanie, and she is going to support her own family, for once. With no resolution between the two, Brooke declares there is nothing else to say, before the disagreement gets too heated. Brooke thinks over the scenario. If not a Logan, then who? One thing is for certain. Ridge and Brooke do still love each other and still intend to marry. Brooke asks if Ridge is going to invite Stephanie to there wedding and he informs her he does. Brooke doesn’t seem to have an objection though they will have to postpone their wedding plans until Stephanie makes a full recovery.

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