B&B Monday Update 11/26/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/26/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Lt. Baker and his son, also a police officer on the case of the Forrester shooting, practically accuses one of the Logans of shooting Stephanie. There is much disagreement and finger pointing amongst the family members yet an odd unity. All are tested for GSR and questioned alone, including Storm the acting layer for his sisters and father. A motive for each person begins to emerge. Was it cold blooded attempted murder or a strange misguided sense of vengeance for a family member done wrong. Stephen and Donna don’t make it a secret they are glad Stephanie was shot and hops she doesn’t make it. Storm advises everyone to watch what they say but Stephen’s hot temper gets the best of him.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Thorne, Felicia, and Eric lean over Stephanie who is barely aware of her surroundings or condition. Stephanie’s family begs for her to tell them who shot her. Stephanie mutters some inaudible words as the nurse is trying to rush her into surgery. Ridge arrives in a panic. The sight of his face gives Stephanie the strength to say one word “Logan.”

Stephanie is taken into surgery where Eric insists that he be dressed and prepped to be right there by her side. The nurses and doctors try to talk him out of being in the room but Eric won’t leave his wife’s side. Eric wonders aloud, who and why would someone shoot Stephanie. Eric is beside himself with grief over losing his companion for many years.

In the waiting room Ridge listens as Thorne and Felicia speculate about which Logan shot their mother. Ridge can’t listen anymore and rushes off. Felicia and Thorne believe Donna had the most to gain but it is soon realized amongst brother and sister anyone of the Logans could have been responsible. Everyone hopes for Stephanie to recover so she can clear the entire issue up. Even the Logans, as they believe each and everyone is innocent of the crime and only Stephanie can answer for who shot her and clear each member of the Logan family.

When the police are finished with the preliminary questioning the family regroups in Brooke’s office while Lt. Baker and son go to the hospital to await Stephanie coming out of surgery. Storm and Brooke want complete honesty as Stephen, Storm, Donna, Brooke, and now Katie all point the finger at a sibling or parent while proclaiming their own innocence. No one ill admit in private that they did it. As a matter of fact every Logan is adamant that they didn’t shoot Stephanie. Ridge bursts in ordering someone to confess to the crime. Brooke tries to calm her boyfriend but Ridge is angry and wants answers. Ridge vocalizes each and every person’s personal motives for wanting to see Stephanie dead or badly hurt, even Brooke. This causes outrage only fueling the Forrester/Logan feud even more. Brooke has had enough, she wants to speak with Ridge alone.

Donna rushes to the hospital to be with Eric and check on Stephanie. When she arrives unnoticed she hears Felicia and Thorne thanking God for sparing their mother’s life. Felicia further tells Thorne she is glad Eric is spending all of his time with Stephanie. The more time they spend together the better. This angers and hurts Donna who rushes to Stephanie’s recovery room.

Ridge and Brooke argue over his accusations that someone in her family tried to kill Stephanie. Well, Ridge knows a little something Brooke doesn’t. He reveals that Stephanie awoke long enough to name a Logan as her shooter. He asks Brooke if it wasn’t her who was it. They continue to argue never reaching a solution or agreement. One thing is for sure, Ridge knows the truth will come out.

Stephanie’s surgery seems to have been a success despite how close to her heart the bullet was. The bullet is turned over to lt. Baker but he cannot speak with her until tomorrow. Eric is in the recovery room with Stephanie. She comes and goes from consciousness. Eric doesn’t want anyone but him to see her until tomorrow. On one hand he tells Stephanie to rest he is going to be right there. Stephanie still weak and drugged makes some short jokes to show Eric she is going to be okay. Though Eric stressed that she not talk to anyone or himself he does press for Stephanie to tell him who shot her. Stephanie seems confused then blurts out with all the strength she has “Donna” Eric is beside himself with shock and dismay. He cannot believe that Donna the new love in his life went as far as to shoot Stephanie the long time love in his life. Donna is standing just outside Stephanie’s recovery room door, Donna watches as Eric holds his wife’s hand and gently kisses her on the forehead. Donna also sees Eric become physically upset when Stephanie tells him it was Donna that shot Stephanie.

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