B&B Wednesday Update 11/21/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/21/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie has been shot! In the showroom floor Stephanie’s lifeless body lies. Eric hears the shot ring out from the dressing area backstage. He calls out for someone hoping to find the cause of the loud noise. Running into Katie, Eric asks if she heard to noise. Katie is jumpy and distracted while wiping her hands off with a rag. Katie denies hearing anything. She is quick with Eric and scurries off as fast as she can.

Upstairs in the offices, Brooke breaks vases and breakables letting out her frustration and anger over Stephanie stealing Donna’s moment. Storm hears the commotion after he gets off the phone with the police. Storm is trying to have Stephanie held accountable for locking Donna in the steam room. The officer taking the report isn’t really listening or sees that the issue is a criminal matter. He takes down the information anyway.

Storm tells Brooke about reporting the incident to the police and assures her he has it handled from a legal point of view. That’s not good enough Brooke claims, agitated. That’s why she did what she had to do. Storm tries to follow what Brooke is saying but she is all over the place making odd comments about Stephanie turning everything into a bloody mess.

Donna discovers Stephanie’s body that is barely alive. She becomes hysterical getting Stephanie’s blood all over her hands. Eric makes his way into the showroom and finds Donna leaning over Stephanie’s bloody chest. He yells at Donna for answers. “What have you done Donna?!” Eric calls 9-1-1 and orders the security to lock down the building.

Before the doors can be locked, Jackie runs from the elevator and slips out of the building. When she arrives at Spectra, Clarke bombards her with questions. Jackie is nervous yet refreshed spouting off that she finally took care of Stephanie for good and saying “I did it” over and over. Clarke is confused unable to make heads or tails out of what his boss is saying. Jackie packs a couple of bags fleeing from the building. She informs Clarke of little detail, only that she is leaving town and has no idea when she will return.

Jake informs Thorne and Felicia that their mother has been shot in the showroom. Both are very upset and fall apart when they arrive and see her lying on the ground and Donna with their mother’s blood on her hands. Felicia lunges at Donna but the police pull her off of Donna. Donna denies having anything to do with the shooting.

Stephen, Brooke, Storm, and Nick have all been corralled in to the showroom and are standing over Stephanie. EMT and the police arrive. Lt. Baker is suspicious from the beginning that the shooter is in the room. Nick wants to leave. Though he gives lt. baker attitude he cooperates until he is permitted to go home.

Storm informs Lt. Baker that his family has nothing to hide and they will cooperate fully. Everyone that is except Stephen. Storm tries to keep Stephen from incriminating himself but Stephen’s anger is boiling over. Stephen keeps making hateful accusations and comments instantly making him Lt. Baker’s number one suspect.

The officer who took Storm’s report arrives with the news that an earlier incident in the building and involving Donna and Stephanie had been reported. The officer is Lt. Baker’s son. Donna and Brooke explain what happened earlier but swear that had nothing to do with Stephanie being shot.

At the hospital Bridget helps work on Stephanie. The medical staff manage to stabilize her enough to perform surgery to remove the bullet from her lung. Felicia is an emotional mess sobbing and begging for Stephanie to be okay. Before the surgery Felicia, Eric, and Thorne are allowed a moment with Stephanie. She is unconscious until Eric talks to her. Stephanie awakens barely. She tries to talk but is too weak to get what she wants to say out. Felicia and Thorne thinks she is trying to name her shooter. Eric, Felicia, and Thorne all press for Stephanie to tell them who shot her. Stephanie is too weak. She loses consciousness again.

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