B&B Tuesday Update 11/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/20/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

While everyone is running around frantically trying to find Donna, Eric rails into Stephanie and points out to her that this is why he finds it so hard to stay married to her. This is HIS life she is messing with. Felicia and Thorne tell him not to blame Stephanie, they are the reason she was on that riser with him at the show. Eric doesn’t like being manipulated and is appalled when Thorne tells him he locked Donna in the steam room. He orders Stephanie to wait for him in the showroom as he charges out to rescue Donna.

Nick catches Stephanie next and she thinks he should be the one forbidden to be on the premises. He won’t be baited like that and reminds her that he has brought her down before and he can again, only this time he can guarantee her she will not get back up. He warns her that Eric is done with her, and that little performance on stage doesn’t fool him. She gloats well she is still married. His reply – she has basically surgically removed Eric’s spine from this marriage. “It’s going to happen, Stephanie, one day soon……someone is going to put you out of your misery.” She retorts that he has no more control over this company and he certainly doesn’t have control over her.

Katie has to calm her dad down and wants him to stop jumping to conclusions. He says whatever she can imagine happens to Stephanie, it is never bad enough. Donna pounds feverishly on the door. Jake finds her and lets her out. She looks like a drowned rat in a hurricane. Eric is too late to find Donna and he berates Thorne and Felicia and asks them to look at their behavior. They don’t even care about other people's feelings much less their safety. They did not learn that from him. And he thanks them for reminding him why he can not continue to live in this family the way it is.

Katie is very disappointed when she spies Donna and finds out Thorne had something to do with this. Stephen is irate and despite Storm trying to stop him, he charges out to find Stephanie. Donna asks how the show went? Did Eric say some beautiful things? Brooke and Katie fill her in; Storm tells her it was Stephanie that went on stage. Katie quips that woman needs to be stopped. When she reaches for tissue in Brooke’s desk drawer, she sees the gun there.

Brooke finds Stephanie on the runway and states that she realizes now how Stephanie used to tell her it was all her fault, but now that Stephanie is also doing it to someone else, she sees things more clearly now. Donna didn’t chase after Eric, she liked him. Something Stephanie was never capable of doing. Donna never forced him to make any promises. Stephanie didn’t want Donna’s dream to come true. And she had to save face with the press. She rode on Eric’s coattails for all these years and pretended it was the other way around. This time she can not dress all of that up with good intentions. What she did to her sister was horrible. She points her finger in Stephanie’s eye and tells her it stops tonight. She will be damned if she stands by and watches her do to Donna what she did to Brooke.

Katie tells Thorne that she’s been a fool to think he was different from the other Forrester’s. And don’t worry about looking for Donna. Maybe he should look for his integrity; he must have lost it around here someplace. Eric retreats to his office and finds Donna standing before the fireplace. She rushes like a limp rag doll into his arms. He consoles her and asks if she is all right? She whines she only wanted to be beautiful for him and for him to be proud of her. He vows he is, he is so proud of her. And the dress doesn’t matter, there are a thousand dresses there. She states that she can forgive his children, because of him, but she can not with Stephanie. He is too vulnerable to her and Stephanie can’t keep doing these things to her and her family. Somebody has to stop her.

Even Jake tells Stephanie that was a pretty rotten thing she did. Stephen follows up that no one cares about her anymore, not even her poor, brainwashed sons and daughter. They would just love to be free of her. She mocks that he is the expert on that. His children have never been anything but free of him. He remarks that he didn’t know how to protect his family back then….but after watching her, he sees how it is done ~ eliminate the threat. She challenges him by saying she is calling security. He points out to her that she no longer commands attention here…and this will be their last conversation anyway….but make no mistake, he is not through with her yet. He will just be choosing his moment and she will never see it coming.

Donna takes her turn. Stephanie asks if she didn’t warn Donna first? To not come out on that stage and publicly embarrass Eric? She slept with his son and now she wants to tell the world she is sleeping with the father too. You open a door like that and scandal will surely follow. Stephanie says Eric is a dreamer and half of what he does is not even okay with him. He will wake up and apologize for it in a few days. She has spent half her marriage saving him from his ‘free spirit’. That’s part of the contract, the reason he married her. Yes, he wants an adventure every four or five years….he wants wild, mad, passionate sex, but it’s so much harder for a man to age than women. He’ll get scared, he’ll get lost, but he’ll want his old life back. He won’t have to suck in his belly or say 'oh, darling'. And Stephanie’s part in that contract is to be there and make sure Donna and all the other girls is undoable…..and Donna knows she is right. Donna spits that Eric may leave her, and she will respect that decision even, but he will never, ever go back to that misery of a life with Stephanie. She will be long gone.

Jackie talks Nick into going back home and says she is going to go find Eric. Jake is still hanging around and sees the people coming and going into the runway room. Ridge admonishes his sister and brother and asks why they went so far? Felicia says that won’t change anything, they just need to go in and present an united front. Brooke even tells Ridge that her father is right – she forgives and forgives but there always is a next time. This is not funny. Ridge tells his dad that he didn’t know what Felicia and Thorne were going to do, but he does understand why they did it. Making it public with Donna was just a bad idea. Eric takes some stiff drinks. He says he considered everything, that this might be a mistake, but it was HIS mistake, his life, and it’s about time they understand that. Felicia says she can’t do this and just watch him throw himself away. He blasts that maybe she just needs to stand further back. Felicia gives it one last try, she knows her mother is impossible but they always manage to find a way for it to work. He can do it again. These are his golden years, the years he is supposed to be celebrating all of his hard work. Her mother deserves to live the rest of her life, happy and peaceful……with him.

Tired of waiting for Eric, Stephanie turns out the lights on the runway and starts to leave. She hears noises and calls out Eric’s name. A lone gun, her own gun, points to her and a shot rings out. Stephanie staggers and falls to the floor.

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