B&B Monday Update 11/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/19/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ericís designs are a huge hit for the gathered audience of paparazzi. Word is spreading like wild fire through the fashion industry as orders are coming in for the full line before distributors and buyers ever see the dresses. Jackie and Clark return to their fashion house complaining about Stephanie kicking them out of the show. This infuriates Nick who feels he was quite clear claiming for Brooke protection Stephanie could not be part of the company. Jackie and Clarke are already looking at the Forrester designs online to knock off the ideas. Nick has had it with the Forrester family, if they arenít going to play by his rules he wants the company back. Nick and Jackie return to the fashion show together. Boy are they in for a surprise when they get there. Nick and Jackie walk in to see Stephanie and Eric lifted above the crowd on an elevated platform. Stephanie is by Eric’s side smiling and waving. Eric is doing the same it doesn’t appear anything has changed as Eric promised it would.

Let’s back up to see what led us to this auspicious moment. Stephanie is off to the side back stage scheming with Thorne and Felicia on ways to get rid of Donna and stop her from making a fool of Eric. After Donna is delivered a box of gourmet chocolates from Eric she sets them aside until after the show, Stephanie attempts to reason with Donna. Stephanie is calm and makes a sound case asking if Donna really loves Eric she will let him have the spotlight he deserves alone. Donna refuses, vowing to make this a show stopper to end all show stoppers.

Stephanie returns to her son and daughter. Reasoning didn’t work so it is time to play dirty, and she means really dirty. Donna can’t resist slipping off and stealing one last kiss from Eric which smears her lipstick. Donna returns to her makeup table just moments before she is to make her debut as the showstopper and the woman in Eric’s life. Excited and anxious Donna is paying no attention to what she is doing or more importantly where she is sitting. Felicia has dumped some of the boxed chocolates in Donna’s chair, thus ruining the white dress Eric designed as the finale. Felicia pretends to be trying to help Donna leading her to Thorne. Thorne acts as though he is concerned until no one is looking. When the coast is clear Thorne throws Donna over his shoulder and rushes her away from the backstage frenzy.

Thorne and Felicia toss Donna in the steam room double locking it with a steel bar. Donna screams for help but no one can hear

Eric takes the stage proudly giving full credit to the unnamed “love in his life” the “inspiration” for the line…….. sticking out his arm to introduce what he believes will be Donna. Eric, the Logan’s, and Marone’s are all surprised to see Stephanie exit from behind the curtain and take the front of the stage in Eric’s arms.

Stephanie whispers for Eric to just go along because this is the way it was meant to be. Stephen, Nick, Jackie, Ridge, Brooke, Katie, and Storm all look on with anger as the front of the stage begins to lift the super couple of fashion above the audience to take their bow.

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