B&B Friday Update 11/16/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/16/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Jake, Felicia’s ex boyfriend, is hanging out back stage of the fashion show with a video camera. He has hopes of catching some shots but Eric makes him put it away. Everyone and everything is in a big rush to get the show started and pull it off without a hitch. Ridge asks Eric one last time to reconsider taking the stage with Donna but Eric is determined to share this day with the woman he loves. Eric and Ridge find Stephanie working the crowd of reporters just as she always does . Eric doesn’t want Stephanie at the showing out of fear she will cause a scene. They talk in Eric’s office. Stephanie has reverted back to disbelieving Eric and Donna are in love. She is acting casual about the entire relationship and fashion show. Storm interrupts. With a warning to look out for his father.

He had just been with his father and sisters. All of the Logan women hope Stephanie won’t show her face but if she does, Stephen has vowed to deal with her. Stephen can’t contain his anger. He is walking around with a very unhappy look on his face even as the show begins. It is Storm’s belief the entire family should show restraint and class but Stephen wants Stephanie to atone for what she has done. Meanwhile every member of the Logan and Forrester family learns Stephanie’s gun is in Brooke’s desk drawer and most happen to hold it.

Thorne and Felicia are very unhappy that Donna is taking center stage. They don’t believe it is right and want Stephanie to be a part of the show. Stephanie is confronted by Donna and Brooke. Each exchanging their typical Logan/Stephanie insults and jabs. Brooke mentions with annoyance that Stephanie’s gun is in her desk drawer and she would like Stephanie to go get it. Stephanie doesn’t seem to let it get to her until she, Thorne, and Felicia see Eric and Donna kissing just before she goes on stage. Stephanie is ready to stop Donna. Felicia doesn’t wait to hear the plan she wants in no matter what.

The show begins and seems to be a big hit with the cheering media.

Ridge and Brooke steal a moment to grab a quick kiss before the show begins. Ashley and Rick see it and it hurts. Later as the show is taking place Jared asks Ashley about the engagement being called off. Rick swoops in and leaves the fashion show with Ashley so she does not have to endure the questions and Brooke being shoved in her face.

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