B&B Wednesday Update 11/14/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/14/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna is practically in tears of joy after learning that Eric has fallen in love with her. Donna has finally found true love. Eric tells Donna he doesn’t want to wait any longer to tell Stephanie he is going to her room now to break the news. Before Eric can get out of the building Ridge asks Eric to speak with him. Ridge would like for Eric to wait until after the show to make a decision. Eric doesn’t tell Ridge who he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with but does make it clear the decision has been made. Ridge offers love and support, all he wants is for Eric to find happiness.

Too bad Felicia and Thorne don’t feel that way. All they want is for Eric to leave Donna Logan alone and patch things up with Stephanie. Felecia puts up a fierce vocal fight for the survival of Eric and Stephanie’s marriage. Ridge tries to convince his siblings that the best thing for everyone is that they are happy. Felecia also has concerns about Donna being in Eric’s life from a business point of view. The entire collection and great Forrester comeback could be over shadowed if Eric introduces Donna as his next big thing.

Felecia isn’t the only one with their mind on business. Donna is glowing as she shares with her sisters that Eric is in love with her. Brooke, of course is happy, but Katie not so much. Katie has her personal opinions on the matter but at the moment business takes priority. Katie expresses the same concerns about spotlighting Eric and Donna rather than the clothing.

Storm walks in definitely not as happy as his sisters. He feels hurt after being left out of the family fold for months now and major events that have gone on in their lives. After expressing his hurt feelings and concerns for each of his sisters, Storm mentions to Brooke that he took Stephanie’s gun from her house to return to Stephanie’s assistant.

Stephanie had expected a visit by Eric but she had assumed he was there because he wanted to be and he wanted to begin healing their marriage. Eric looks at Stephanie and tells her “I’m sorry Stephanie”

Stephanie asks him to reconsider and don’t ruin the fashion show he deserves for Donna. Stephanie is still under the impression that Donna is only a fling. Stephanie wants to give their marriage another chance because she loves him so much. “It’s too late, I’m in love with Donna.” Stephanie is crushed that Eric has real feelings for her much younger rival.

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