B&B Tuesday Update 11/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/13/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Storm helps Katie go over her employment contract for Forrester Creations. Everything looks good. Katie is excited she can’t believe she landed her dream job she beams as she searches for her birth certificate in Brooke’s safe. Katie is shocked to find a gun in Brooke’s safe. Storm takes the gun explaining how it got there and who it belongs to. The gun belongs to Stephanie and should have been returned months ago. Storm takes the gun for safe keeping and to get it back to it’s rightful owner.

Before Storm leaves for the office Katie mentions that their father is back in town. Storm flies into a rage slamming papers down and threatening Stephen if storm runs into him.

Stephen has caught Donna and Eric making love in Eric’s office. Stephen is furious and vows he will not permit Eric to seduce another woman he care about. Donna breaks down in tears proclaiming her love for Eric. This pains Stephen but he feels he can not do anything about it when Eric returns how he feels.

Eric has fallen in love with Donna and intends to make a life with her. Stephen can’t listen any longer and goes to Brooke’s office. Eric tells Donna that he meant every word he said and it’s time the world knows how he feels. Eric gives Donna a dress he designed and she inspired. Donna can’t believe he did such a thing. Eric invites Donna to wear the dress as the show-stopper in the fashion show and be with him.

Brooke and Nick meet for coffee. Brooke wants an update on Taylor and Jack both physically and emotionally. Nick wants to believe the best but Brooke can tell he is holding back. Nick admits Taylor is really trying but there seems to be a disconnect and he can’t read the cause of it. Nick is beginning to fear Taylor may never be able to let go the fact that Brooke is Jack’s mother.

Stephen waits in Brooke’s office for his daughter to return . Storm enters, surprised to see his father. From the get go the meeting isn’t friendly. Stephen has hopes of clearing the air with his son but Storm wants no apart of forgiveness and acceptance. Storm blows up the two men throw accusations and blame back and forth. Stephen claims Storm drove him out of town years ago because of his constant insults and badgering. Storm denies that ever happened. Both argue wildly. Stephen really hit’s a nerve when he claims Storm hasn’t done a good job of protecting his sisters. Brooke was raped and Donna is involved with Eric. This is news to Storm on both accounts.

Stephen informs Storm that he is back and not going to leave until Stephanie is no longer an issue. Storm wants his father out of LA as soon as possible. Storm slams the gun into Stephen's hands. Though they are auguring with each other, they are on the same page. Both want Stephanie to pay for the years of torment she has put Brooke and the family through. Katie walks in breaking up the fight just as Stephen is saying he would like to use Stephanie’s gun on Stephanie herself. Katie calls a halt to the angry words.

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