B&B Monday Update 11/12/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/12/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephen stands over Stephanie edging his way closer forcing her to the edge of the balcony. Stephen insinuates he will push her but Stephanie calls his bluff and goes back into the room. Inside they argue over who has been wronged and who has the right to justice. Stephanie is more than willing to accept some fault and even guilt for Brooke’s rape but Brooke must beheld accountable too. Stephen can not believe Stephanie is accusing Brooke of being responsible for her own rape. Stephanie corrects him, not her rape, but Brooke has taken and taken from Stephanie for over two decades now. Eventually it was going to catch up with her. Donna is on a much better path, getting involved with Eric.

What?! Stephen doesn’t understand. Stephanie lets it slip that Donna is sleeping with Eric. She then takes the opportunity to lay some blame at Stephen’s feet for the sad shape his daughters have ended up in. Had Stephen had been a better father figure to his daughters maybe they wouldn’t crave the attention of an older man. Stephanie’s accusations angers Stephen. He hurls the room service platter against the wall before storming out. As Stephen exit’s the room he yells a warning that Stephanie is going to finally get what she has coming to her when she least expects it. The threat is witnessed by a concerned bell boy.

Later the bell boy checks back with Stephanie to ensure she is okay. Stephanie tells him she is fine. To herself, Stephanie whispers that it isn’t Stephen she needs to be worried about.

Eric can’t get his mind off of Stephanie now that he knows Stephen is in town and gunning for Steph. Donna tries to relax him but Eric is just too worried for Stephanie. Katie interrupts with magazines in her hands. She fears the cover story could upstage the Forrester fashion show. Eric and Donna gaze upon the cover to see Jackie in a bubble bath smiling proudly of her kicking body and her recently acquired fashion house. Katie immediately offers support and very sound PR advice. Donna and Eric are impressed. Katie’s work experience is in public relations. Donna and Eric extend an instant job offer to be head of public relations for Forrester. Katie is reluctant to get involved with the company but Donna convinces her little sister to take the job.

To celebrate and to bring Eric out of his sour mood Donna seduces Eric on his couch located in his office. The fire is set and the door is locked. After having sex they lie in each others arms naked. A knock at the door prompts Eric and Donna to answer. Stephen who was already angry turns furious. He kicks the doors in and bursts in demanding Eric get his hands off Donna.

As action and love ignite down the hall, ridge and Brooke share an office picnic. Brooke is preoccupied by the thought of her father being back in town. Ridge gets her mind off of Stephen by suggesting they pick a wedding date. Brooke likes the idea but doesn’t understand how they can make a date to be married when she has not been proposed to yet. Ridge chuckles, he did forget to officially purpose didn’t he. Ridge promises as soon as the big fashion show is over they will make it official and set a date.

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