B&B Friday Update 11/9/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/9/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie is in for a surprise when she is visited by Eric. Unfortunately this isn’t the only surprise she has coming to her today. Eric wanted to warn his wife that Nick knows she sent Andy to Brooke’s house the night of the rape. They talk about Nick for a bit but the conversation turns to every day things and concerns that a man and wife share. It isn’t long before Stephanie is apologizing again and asking for forgiveness. They are friendly and caring towards each other. Eric still cares a great deal for Stephanie. The visit ends on very friendly terms and an emotional embrace. Stephanie tells Felicia via telephone about the visit. She is filled with hope that she hasn’t seen the end of her marriage. A room service delivery brings an end to their conversation.

Stephen is at the door although he and Donna agreed they would not peruse justice for Brooke’s sake. They only told Brooke and Katie what they wanted to hear and decided otherwise behind their backs. On the room service cart lies a dead crow on a silver platter. A note attached said from your secret admirer. Stephanie assumed the room service was from Eric until she saw what it was.

Eric is distracted and not interested in work or Donna when he returns to the office. Donna uses her usual tactics to get Eric’s attention off of Stephanie but he is really concerned. Eric doesn’t understand why Brooke told Nick. Donna confesses it wasn’t Brooke it was her. Eric isn’t happy to say the least. Just when Donna thinks she explained away her misdeed she is annoyed that Eric is still worried for Stephanie’s safety. Irritated she proclaims “Stephanie is in for a big fall.” Eric finds the comment strange.

Little do either of them know Stephen is backing Stephanie into a possibly deadly corner in her hotel room. Stephen tells Stephanie that she is finished terrorizing his girls. Stephanie is backing away as Stephen follows. Soon they find themselves against the balcony rail. Stephanie looks down with concern, it seems if Stephen steps one foot closer she has no where to go but down. Stephanie fearlessly calls his bluff.

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