B&B Thursday Update 11/8/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/8/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna admires publicity photos of Eric. Eric’s mind is not on the fashion show exactly, more who will take the runway with him. Donna takes the high road on this subject seeing that it could behoove her later. Donna thinks it should be Eric and only Eric taking his bow alone. For once Eric should dominate the well deserved spotlight. This is one of the many reasons Donna is so special to Eric. Their intimate moment is interrupted by Felicia who has an announcement but sticks around for the fall out. Nick Marone is in the building and headed for Eric’s office.

When Nick arrives, he gets right to his point. Is Eric going to divorce Stephanie or not? If not Nick wants his company back. Eric doesn’t answer the question directly but Felicia certainly does. The disagreement turns to Nick and Felicia. Again, Donna is the bigger person, she excuses herself from the room. Felicia is relentless that Eric doesn’t have to divorce Stephanie and he isn’t going to. Eric doesn’t commit one way or another to Nick but does inform the sailor that he will not be bullied.

Brooke tells Katie about Donna’s interference in her life and how unhappy Brooke is with her sister right now. To their surprise a ring of the doorbell reveals more interference. It’s their father! Donna called him. He rushes in anxious to learn what kind of trouble Brooke is in. Stephen is not given a warm welcome. Donna arrives moments later.

Brooke really lets Donna have it for dragging her and her violation into Donna’s own vendetta to get Stephanie so Donna can steal her husband. Katie is quick to agree with Brooke until Donna points out a very important point. If Brooke isn’t going to hold Stephanie accountable than Brooke has to step up and take responsibility for what has taken to her. Katie and Brooke can’t believe Donna is holding Brooke accountable and to blame for her own rape. That’s right! Donna explains. Brooke has let Stephanie hurt, and emotionally torture her year after year and nothing is ever done about it. Brooke just turns the other cheek and lets Stephanie get away with everything she does. As long as Brooke continues to let Stephanie victimize her than Brooke is responsible for anything that happens to her or her family. Katie actually sees what Donna is saying and agrees with her. Brooke also sees what Donna is saying.

Donna also believes the only way any of them can combat Stephanie is to join together as a family united not divided, the way the Forresters do during times of crisis. Brooke can’t do that because of one man, Stephen.

Donna asks, so you can forgive Stephanie time and time again but you can’t forgive your own father? Again, Brooke sees her point and agrees. Brooke turns to her father and reveals everything about the rape. Everything that is except Stephanie’s role but Donna gladly steps up to add that little detail. Stephen is speechless by the news.

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