B&B Wednesday Update 11/7/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/7/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie and Donna fight it out in words over who will be the woman on Eric’s arm at the upcoming Forrester fashion show. Both certain they will be that woman. Eric’s woman. Stephanie is her regular self-assured person while Donna is banking on Nick taking care of her dirty work for her. A resolution is not decided amongst the women. Little do they know just down the hall Eric is having a very similar conversation with his children.

Thorne and Felicia cannot accept Donna and her part in their family. Eric explains, he is okay with them not accepting Donna. What he is not okay with is, them not recognizing the new man he has become. Felicia and Thorne are willing to conceded, Eric does seem to be happy and inspired but they will not give Donna credit for the change. Thorne and Felicia beg Eric not to make a fool of himself by taking Donna as his date to the fashion show. This idea makes Eric stop and think. He hadn’t given it any thought before now, but since it has been brought up Eric seems to like the idea of making his relationship debut at his fashion show.

Regardless of who Eric takes to the show, it will only be after the fashion show that he decides who he will spend the rest of his life with. As Donna’s future, with Eric, hangs in the balance she heads for Brooke’s house. Brooke is waiting for her after begging Nick to let Stephanie be. Brooke pleaded every way and reason she could think of to convince Nick to forget what Donna told him and let her get on with her life. Nick can’t let it go, not until Stephanie is held accountable for what she did. Nick rushes out and Brooke hopes he is going home, not to see Stephanie.

Donna is not met with the reception she hoped for from her sister. Brooke is very upset Donna took it upon herself to tell Nick about Stephanie. Donna doesn’t see the problem. Nick should know and Stephanie should be forced to pay for hurting Brooke. Brooke is firm with Donna telling her she does not want to be any part of Donna vendetta to get Stephanie and she doesn’t want Donna interfering in her life anymore. On that note Brooke goes upstairs leaving Donna alone.

Donna picks up her cell phone as soon as Brooke is out of earshot and calls Stephen, their father. Donna doesn’t go into detail but gets the message across Brooke needs his support because something serious has happened. Stephen agrees to come to LA right away.

Brooke didn’t get her wish. Stephanie finds Nick waiting for her in her hotel room. Nick makes it known that he knows all about Stephanie’s involvement with Andy Johnson. Stephanie isn’t going to talk about what happened or explain herself to Nick. She kicks him out threatening to call the police and reminding him he has his own wife and new baby waiting for him at home. Nick is going to leave without argument but has an ominous warning for the Forrester matriarch. “If you ever hurt Brooke again. I will kill you.”

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