B&B Tuesday Update 11/6/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/6/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Jackie has a surprise for Clarke and the awaiting media. Clarke has called a press conference to announce the new owner of Spectra Fashions. When he throws open the door, flashbulbs go crazy popping off photos of Jackie wearing nothing but a tub full of bubbles. Jackie has ordered a bathtub to be installed in her office for inspiration. Clarke doesn’t like the publicity stunt of interviewing naked in a tub but decides she most definitely knows what she is doing . Jackie has the reporters eating out of her hand as she puts on a sexy performance and speech.

Stephanie is still wondering the halls of Forrester upsetting all that she comes in contact with. Stephanie asks Brooke if she is going to allow Donna and Eric to see each other. Brooke can’t believe Stephanie has the nerve to discuss such a matter with her in light of what has happened. Stephanie promises one way or another she is going to bring an end to the relationship. Brooke grows a back bone and stands up to Stephanie at long last. Brooke threatens Stephanie with criminal charges if she goes anywhere near the people Brooke loves.

Stephanie doesn’t take Brooke’s warning seriously. When Donna returns to the office after telling Nick that Stephanie sent Andy to Brooke’s house the night of the rape , she finds Stephanie waiting ready to argue with her again. Donna is confidant this time that Stephanie doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Stephanie promises Donna she will be out the door by the time of the fashion show. Donna makes the same promise only it’s Stephanie that will be gone out of Eric’s life.

Donna’s accusations weren’t well received by Nick at first. He thought she is just trying to get a rise out of him so she can be with Eric. Donna begs Nick to look after Brooke and not let her be victimized by the Forresters any longer.

Nick waits for Brooke to return home. He makes Brooke confess the truth about Stephanie. Nick is angry when Brooke finally admits Stephanie set her up. Nick wants to run out of the house and confront Stephanie but Brooke begs him to reconsider for her. Nick can’t let this go he tells her. Brooke uses his love for her as a bargaining chip. “If you love me let this go” she pleads. Nick calms down and reminds Brooke after all they have been through and will always be connected now he can’t let Stephanie get away with what she has done. “You know how I feel about you.” Nick reminds Brooke. Without hesitation or thought of Ridge, Brooke stares deep into his eyes and replies “I feel the same way too.”

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