B&B Monday Update 11/5/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/5/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Taylor can’t sleep. All she can do is stand over the baby’s bassinette and think about what has been taken from her. Nick is concerned when he wakes up to find his wife is not in bed. Taylor weeps in guilt over not feeling like Jack is her son. Taylor acknowledges that it is wrong of her not to accept Jack and that is what makes her feel so bad. Nick tries to lend his words to comfort her but nothing helps. Taylor manages to get dressed but that is the extent, she will not leave the room sinking further into depression and self-pity.

Nick has left but returned to the house. He has a very special surprise for Taylor. Taylor unable to look at Nick pours her heart out about how badly she feels for not being there for him emotionally. It doesn’t seem to bother Nick because he is all smiles as he holds his son in his arms. Hoping seeing and touching the baby will make Taylor feel better he places their son in her arms.

Taylor does seem to warm up to the baby. It is like a weight has been lifted off of Taylor. Is this the missing to piece to this crazy puzzle? Can Taylor and Nick get on with their life and new family now?

Brooke is in the best mood she has been in, in a long time. Eric is too. Eric sketches designs feeling inspired. Brooke is glad to see her ex-husband so happy and free again. They discus Stephanie and the role she will not be playing at the company. Brooke is relieved to hear she will not have to face Stephanie on a daily basis. It’s going to be hard enough dealing with Ashley in the work place. Brooke can’t wait to tell Eric that Ridge ended his engagement to Ashley and he is back with Brooke. Eric is glad to hear it, claiming he always believed Ridge and Brooke would reunite. They do both feel very sorry for Ashley.

Brooke hasn’t come to talk to Eric about Stephanie or her relationship with Ridge. She wants to talk about Donna. Eric isn’t surprised and even is amused by Brooke’s approach to the subject. Brooke asks forward point blank questions.

Eric assures Brooke what he feels for Donna is the real deal. Donna enters on that note and does her best to convince her big sister that this time she is in love. Brooke isn’t that easily swayed. When they are in private Brooke tries to get to the real root of Donna’s affair with eric. Donna insists she is in love. Yes, it is a bonus that it is with Stephanie’s husband. That’s the problem Brooke points out, Eric is married to Stephanie.

Donna wishes aloud that he would hurry up and divorce Stephanie. Brooke doesn’t think it will be that simple not by a long shot. And why not, Donna wonders.

Donna can’t wrap her head around Brooke’s seemingly forgiveness of Stephanie. Brooke tells her sister she doesn’t forgive or trust Stephanie and never will but she also isn’t going to ruin her own life by carrying around hate for the mother of her true love. Brooke has finally gotten the life she has wanted and dreamed of she isn’t going to let Stephanie or her revenge on Stephanie ruin a peaceful life with Ridge.

Donna hates to break it to Brooke but if they don’t band together to get rid of Stephanie once and for all Brooke’s happy little peaceful life won’t last long.

Donna is tired of playing fair. She calls Nick wanting to meet. He doesn’t want to leave Taylor and Jack right now but feels obligated after Donna tells him it concerns Brooke’s rape. Standing in Brooke’s den Donna doesn’t hold back not one detail least of all Stephanie’s involvement in bringing Andy into Brooke’s life.

Brooke learns moments later, maybe Donna is right. Brooke looks for Eric and/or Donna in Eric’s office. Out of no where Stephanie appears. She knows exactly where everyone is and is acting as if nothing has changed in the least bit. Stephanie closes the office door behind her trapping Brooke in the same room with her. Brooke screams out “Get out! Get out!”

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