B&B Friday Update 11/2/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/2/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Jackie is excited by the idea of opening her own fashion house. Nick agrees to think about it while taking a look around but he has a lot of questions. The building ad conditions seem to be in pretty bad shape. Clark works with Jackie to make a case for the purchase.

Nick fears Jackie may only want to buy Spectra out of misguided revenge over Eric. That will be plus, Jackie explains but more importantly she feels the time has come to show the world what Jackie Marone can do. One last question, who is your designer going to be, Nick asks.

With a sly smile Jackie and Clark tell Nick that they plan to rip of Eric and Ridge’s designs just like the great Sally Spectra once did. Nick agrees he will front the money but no more. He is a silent partner and it is up to Jackie to run the business. That more than makes Jackie and Clark happy. Jackie plans to show the Forresters and the world what for with Clark by her side. I smell a romance brewing.

Brooke is stunned when Taylor turns her back on the signed papers. Slamming the papers to the table Taylor refuses to sign the legal documents to make Jack her son. The papers don’t just make the truth disappear. Brooke is her son’s mother and no paper can change that. Taylor just doesn’t know if she can live for the rest of her life and her child’s life knowing Brooke is his mother.

Brooke pressures Taylor to sign the agreement believing that the papers do make things cut and dry. Brooke insistence and hurry makes Taylor wonder what Brooke is up to. Does Brooke really care about Taylor and her family or does she fear she could lose Ridge if the subject matter isn’t settled. Brooke denies any ulterior motive other than wanting “her son” to have a good loving mother. The slip of the tongue by Brooke only proves Taylor’s point. Brooke will always consider Jack her son.

Taylor can’t take it anymore and begs Brooke to leave so she can rest.

Brooke makes a bee-line to Ridge’s office. Ridge is relieved to hear that she signed the paperwork but his relief is replaced with worry when Brooke wonders aloud if Taylor is capable of being a good mother to Jack. If Taylor doesn’t take on the role of mother to the Marone baby who will? Brooke realizes she made another slip up and tries to convince Ridge that it is Taylor and Nick’s problem not theirs. Ridge isn’t so sure he believes Brooke.

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