B&B Thursday Update 11/1/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/1/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

CJ sits behind his mom’s old desk at Spectra. Things are dusty and forgotten but CJ remembers what Spectra Fashions was once like. Clarke is startled to see his son behind the desk and asks what is going on. CJ explains that the company who bought Spectra from Sally has gone bankrupt so the title returns to Sally. Sally is living to good of a life in retirement and won’t come back, so she has put CJ in charge of selling the company. CJ admits he is shocked at how many phone calls he is receiving concerning the sell of Spectra. Clark asks him not to make a decision right away, he has the perfect buyer in mind.

Taylor comes home from the hospital to find her home filled with balloons, baby decorations, and her family who are thrilled to see her come home at long last. Taylor is sad and not in the mood for company. She sits with Jackie and her kids for a bit to be polite but she is over whelmed with questions about the egg donor and can’t take it. Taylor goes upstairs to be alone. She sits alone crying, hating the way her life has turned out since giving birth to Jack.

Downstairs Jackie and Nick are paid a peculiar visit. The reason for the visit is even more peculiar. It is Clark Garrison and he has a business opportunity for Jackie. Nick tags along as Clark takes Jackie to the old Spectra office building. Jackie is wide eyed and ready for the challenge of becoming a rival to Forrester again when Clark suggests she buy Spectra.

Nick doesn’t think it is the best idea but Jackie is ready to sign on the dotted line after Clarke delivers an empowering speech.

Brooke pays a visit to baby Jack then to his mother at home after talking to Bridget. Bridget feels Taylor will not be ready to move on with her life as Jack’s mother until it is final legally. Bridget asks Brooke to sign away her parental rights right away. Brooke is wishy washy which concerns Bridget, even though her mother promises she doesn’t not intend on being a part of the babies life. Brooke makes her way, uninvited and not welcomed to Taylor’s house and bedroom.

Taylor orders Brooke out of her bedroom and life. Brooke wants to talk and stays. Taylor doesn’t want to talk and frankly doesn’t feel there is anything to talk about. Brooke claims she sympathizes with Taylor and what she is going through but this only upsets the new mother more.

Brooke gets Taylor’s attention when she mentions the legal documents that will allow Taylor to be declared his mother legally. Taylor turns to see Brooke holding an envelope that contains the papers. Brooke removes the papers and promises she doesn’t want to disrupt Taylor, Nick, the baby, or her life. She signs the papers. Now all that is left is for Taylor to sign them as well. Taylor is shocked that Brooke succumbed so easily.

Ridge tell Felicia about Jack’s maternity. Felicia is blown away and doesn’t believe that Brooke is just going to be able to get on with her life. Ridge agrees but is doing his best to convince himself and Felicia he has faith that he and Brooke can get through this. Felicia isn’t so sure from a mother’s perspective. Ridge is regretting telling Felicia because he must listen to things he knows is most likely true but he doesn’t want to believe.

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