B&B Wednesday Update 10/31/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/31/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Today is Taylor’s release date from the hospital but she isn’t happy about it for so many reasons. Taylor is disconnected from her new baby but feels guilty for leaving the hospital without him. Taylor finds all she can do is cry and dwell on the DNA of her son. Bridget brings Taylor her release forms and finds she has much to account for.

Taylor blames Bridget for purposely implanting the wrong egg. Taylor is furious and screams accusations at Bridget. Bridget tries to explain and apologize but her words fall on deaf ears. Taylor knows what she believes to be true and Bridget is to blame.

Bridget tries another approach of getting through to Taylor. Sympathizing. Bridget remembers how traumatic and tragic it was when she lost Nicole. Taylor feels sorry for Bridget but that doesn’t make up for why this has happened to her.

Bridget tries so hard to convince Taylor to bond with baby Jack and to be grateful she has a baby to bond with and raise. Taylor wants to she really does but she can’t get past his DNA belonging to Brooke.

Taylor decides to go see Jack in the nursery, she is met by Nick after he returns from Brooke’s house.

Ridge feels horrible about breaking Ashley’s heart but he is happy to be with Brooke again. Brooke does her best to cast out all doubt in Ridge’s mind by reminding him that they were meant to be. Nick drops by with important questions pertaining to Jack. Brooke is so excited to share her news she cuts Nick off before he can state his purpose for visiting. Brooke announces that she and Ridge are back together but could care less right now. He asks Broke to sign away any legal rights to the baby and to bank some of her blood just in case they were to encounter future problems. No problem on both accounts Brooke shares. She wants and has no connection to either Nick or the baby. As far as Brooke is concerned this is a closed subject. Nick just doesn’t seem to agree it is going to be that simple but accepts what Brooke is saying for now.

Ridge is not pleased to find Nick downstairs speaking with Brooke. Rather than argue with Ridge who really isn’t making any sense Nick leaves them to start with the rest of their lives, this time.

Ridge tells Brooke he doesn’t want Nick calling or visiting her anymore. Ridge is very insecure about Brooke and her connection to Jack and Nick. Brooke assures him there is no connection and asks him to get past the whole baby issue. Brooke doesn’t want their first night together as a couple clouded by Nick’s visit.

Nick holds Taylor reassuring and telling her over and over that Jack is their baby and nothing will ever change that.

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