B&B Tuesday Update 10/30/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/30/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Brooke lie in each other’s arms remembering all of the perfect, unspoiled moments just like the one they are in. Brooke is so happy and elated but brings up Ridge ending his engagement to Ashley. Ridge grows quiet and saddened a little. He tells Brooke that he does want to make it official, their devotion and commitment, as soon as possible. For themselves and RJ but he is really dreading breaking Ashley’s heart. And Abbey’s.

Ashley calls anxious to see her fiancé. Ashley has returned with a bottle of Champagne and is ready to get back on track with her soon-to-be husband. She really believes in what they share, so much so she mailed their wedding invitations from Paris. Ashley fully expected to get Ridge’s voice mail but he picks up with Brooke lying in his arms. Ridge doesn’t reveal anything on the phone but agrees to come right over.

Ridge is met at the door with a hug and a kiss. Ridge doesn’t kiss Ashley back, he just walks in with something heavy on his mind. Ashley knows right away what that heaviness is and what he has come to tell her. Ashley lashes out in anger and swears she will never be happy for him and Brooke or congratulate them for finding their way back to one another for the…… what number of time now?

Ridge wants the break up to be civil and as painless as possible. He tries to explain but Ashley is angry. She doesn’t want to hear it.

While Ridge is breaking off the relationship with Ashley, Brooke is giddy as she serves coffee to Katie. Katie tells Brooke that Donna and Eric are involved. Brooke is stunned. Both speculate what will happen when Stephanie finds out. But on a good note Katie and Thorne are now seeing each other.

Ashley feels foolish because everyone tried to warn her about the Brooke and Ridge legacy.

When Ridge tries to comfort her Ashley is cold and heartless as she tells Ridge it isn’t her that needs to be worried about. It’s him. How many times has he and Brooke attempted a life of forever, together? And how many times, has there always been something lurking around the corner in Brooke’s life? It will happen again, rest assured, Ashley predicts. Ridge knows he can’t argue with what Ashley is saying and tries to make her believe this is the last time he is going to do this. He breaks Ashley’s heart as he tells how he knows in his own heart this time it is forever.

Ashley cries, lost, sad, and alone.

That battle rages on between Stephanie and her newest Logan rival, Donna. Donna doesn’t seem to get to Stephanie, just yet, but Stephanie certainly manages to plant doubt and insecurity in Donna’s mind. Stephanie asks, has Eric taken you out on the town? To the country club? Anywhere other than the bedroom. Donna’s response is pure silence. “That’s I thought.” Stephanie tells Donna assured of herself and Eric.

Donna doesn’t back down, like Brooke has all these years, she gives Stephanie the run around. Donna makes excuses why they have had to be discreet but that all changes now. Donna has staked her claim on Eric and her role in helping him run the company. This almost makes Stephanie laugh when she realizes Donna actually thinks that she is going to marry Eric. That isn’t going to happen Stephanie informs Donna with quite a few colorful insults about Donna’s “purchased, over inflated body” and her only perk she has going for her is sex. Donna falls back on the same line she delivered to Thorne just a month ago. I’m in love with him. I make him happy. I will be a good wife, the kind of wife he wants and needs.

Stephanie accepts that Donna is going to carry on her affair with Eric but it will never be anything more than sex. It’s happened many times before but Eric always comes back to Stephanie in the end. Donna gets work up during the conversation but Stephanie stay calm and cool. That is, until Donna gets in her face and tells Stephanie, without question, that it is her turn to be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Stephanie slaps Donna who is shocked but reacts. Donna pushes back warning that Stephanie had better face it because that is how it is going to be.

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