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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/29/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Brooke states to Ridge that she knows this is difficult. He did make a commitment to Ashley, and he is an honorable man. He wonders if he is? She says she thinks he is ready to make a life with her, he was about ready to say it before, but is he now?

Stephanie brazenly stands and calls Donna a slut. She says Donna stands there with those 'rockets' on her chest and she managed to turn Thorne’s eyes too but thank goodness his brain finally woke up. Eric, the old fool, is another matter. Donna states that’s right, she and the rockets never had it so good. Stephanie can’t believe that Eric can’t see beyond this, it’s so transparent. Eric defends Donna by saying no matter how transparent, if she has an agenda she at least tells him. Stephanie has to tell him that Donna’s only interest in him is to get back at her. Donna adds that who knew that she would end up wanting to make him happier than her interest in getting back at Stephanie? Eric has the last word – he tells Stephanie that no, she is fired when she tells Donna that she is fired. He says Donna helped him get the company back. Stephanie reminds him that it is a FAMILY business, one that she helped start with her family money. Donna gloats that the family business is gone; Eric and Eric alone is the owner.

Stephanie chuckles. She points to Eric and asks if he is going to run the company with Donna? She knows this little dalliance will be over in a month, and then he’ll be on the phone begging her to come back and pick up the pieces and fix everything. And God knows, she probably will…..but in the meantime she asks them to please be discreet as after all, she is his wife. Also she is stunned when she finds out the company isn’t legally their’s yet. Eric tells her there is a contingency – he must divorce her.

Katie drops by Thorne’s office with lunch, a variety of sandwiches. He’s politely fuming that everyone is using his office to store their junk. She has a hidden agenda; she passed by Brooke’s home and saw Ridge’s car there and drove on. She doles out the sandwiches and makes reference that he isn’t going out with anyone else, that’s good, just keep it that way.

Ridge is explaining to Brooke that he is afraid that Nick and Taylor’s baby will draw Brooke back to him someday. Whether she goes back to him or not, she will feel that pull. He can see that in her eyes and nothing will hurt him quite like that. Just as she thinks she can not argue him out of the way he feels, he tells her that when that happens he is hoping she will find out what he found out. He’d promised Ashley that he would let Brooke go and he’d really tried, but he confesses it was kind of like he was letting go of “me”….everything he’d ever been or ever was. And all the stupid mistakes he has made somehow always seem to come back forgiven. Kind of like wayward kids, she had turned that around. Does he want a life with her? He states it comes down to the fact that there really is no choice involved……because the only life he has…..is with her. Naturally she gasps and her eyes tear up.

Stephanie demurs that if this is for real, it’s absurd. And golly gee whiz, she can’t even begin to imagine whose scheming little mind could be behind this. He tells her that divorcing her was Nick’s condition. Okay, she says, but no court would find that enforceable. Donna excuses herself as they have things to talk about. But she tells Eric she loves him before she leaves, and for him not to forget that, it won’t change. Stephanie makes note that Donna said she loved him. What about him? Oh he knows Stephanie thinks this is some sort of sexual daydream, but it’s not. She chides him in the way that Donna makes him feel that he can do anything…..she puts him in part with himself he thought he had lost……but that is what an affair is…. a mental vacation from the choices they have made, the responsibilities they have accepted. He admits that he has thought of that himself, and he is as mortified as anyone…going out with a girl who is too young to be his own daughter…..but none of that matters as he is happy. Does Stephanie remember how that feels?

Ridge and Brooke cling to each other, he lets out an air of frustration. Yes, he’s saying yes. She wants to know if he has told Ashley? He says he will today when she gets back….and he knows it will hurt her little girl too…..and he’s hurt Brooke. She negates that by asking him to come upstairs with her. Nobody is home, so just come lay down with her.

Eric questions why Stephanie even wants to be married to him. She asks if this is a fishing expedition? He says no, he knows she loves him, he just doesn’t know why. She treats him like some old three legged dog that used to be able to hunt and can’t anymore, yet she just keeps him around. Why? She doesn’t understand how he can ask that after all they have been through and built together. He replies he has not forgotten, he remembers it all. She’s stunned when he takes off his wedding ring and lays it before her on the desk.

Brooke indicates she is ready, but Ridge thinks it is too soon. She says she has given it too much time as it, she is not afraid, she wants him. He won’t hurt her. She hates that that man was the last to touch her and they are thinking of him now. They kiss and he lays her down on the bed. She says she is the same; she doesn’t belong to that horror, she belongs to him. He thinks she is crazy, but he loves her.

Donna catches Thorne and Katie kissing and has to add they are a much better idea than she and Thorne ever were. He quips the Titanic was a better idea than the two of them. She wonders if they are sleeping together? She’ll take that look as a no. She wonders then why if she can be happy for them, they can’t he happy for her and Eric?

Stephanie asks if Eric wants a divorce? He says a separation and she can have whatever relationship she wants with the children, only not in the house……Stephanie left, he didn’t. Glumly, she says okay she will go to a hotel. What is she supposed to do…wander in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights? Is she supposed to grovel? She has admitted to him that she went too far, but are they going to do through this again?....Lauren, Sheila, Brooke, not once but twice? He remarks it’s very persistent of him, this desire of his to find what kind of life he could have without her.

Ridge and Brooke make small talk after making love; he thanks God for this woman. She giggles that some things do stay the same….every dream she ever had is him.

Stephanie bitterly taunts Eric and dares him to go ahead and marry Donna. He tells her this is not a competition. There is nobody like Stephanie and nothing like what they have accomplished, but here he is in the autumn of his years and he doesn’t like his life. And he doesn’t want to go to his grave wondering why he wasn’t happy. She shakes her head…..she also is in the autumn years of her life and she so did not want to go through this again. And she is honestly standing here wondering if she has the strength to take on a much younger rival who has absolutely no scruples. “She is stroking your ego, and God knows what else.” If she weren’t, he never would have taken the wedding ring off….but no babies, she does not want any half-Logans running around ‘her’ house. He is astounded that she can think of something like that at a time like this. She answers because she is the practical one, and that is why he loves her….so guess she will fight. She’ll find the strength somewhere while he’s swinging out there on a limb…the wind blowing through his new stylish haircut. She is sure it is very liberating. But remember one thing “what goes up……. goes down, and when it does, honey, I’ll be there to collect you, because this is not the end of us.”

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