B&B Friday Update 10/26/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/26/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

About as compassionate as she can be, Stephanie explains to Brooke that she couldn’t have possibly known what kind of man Andy was, but she accepts the full responsibility of her part in what he did to Brooke. Brooke calls her a liar.

Donna shows Eric some new designs for their comeback campaign – selling the boss is back, some sexy, sophisticated pictures featuring Eric. He doesn’t feel that is the image the focus group wants, he’s not a young man anymore. Leave that to the other models. Donna chides him for thinking less of himself now that Stephanie is back. With a little reverse psychology, she remarks that he’s had his life with that woman and yet she realizes she has no say in the matter. She pleads she just wants a life with him, and she wants him to have a full life without Stephanie controlling it. But his children hate her, and she doesn’t want to make his life difficult. She will always be there for him no matter what. He gives in and says okay to her new promotion.

Ashley and Rick are boarding their plane for a flight home as Ridge calls. He apologizes for not being in close touch, Taylor had her baby, all is okay, but he’s been busy and not at home much. Rick realizes Ashley took her wedding invitations all the way to Paris yet didn’t mail them yet. She had hoped for the romantic postmark of Paris. She dismisses his dig that Ridge is finally realizing she is gone and calling.

Ridge comments to Bridget that most people don’t understand that now Brooke has a bond with Nick that can never be broken. Brooke rails on Stephanie that she was trying to steal her children, but she used the wrong man to do it. And they don’t have to argue about the key, it was the idea that Stephanie fed Andy about her. That she was garbage, that she was nothing. That was why she was raped. But instead of Stephanie accepting responsibility now, Brooke just wants her to go, just get out now! There is nothing Stephanie can do for her now. Stephanie steps back and agrees, okay, but she tells Brooke that if it’s her and Ridge, she gives them her blessing.

Brooke tells Stephanie now she is just being pitiful. Stephanie divulges that if Ridge wants her, she is not going to stand in the way. She states that she always used to say that Brooke was her worst enemy, but she admits the real truth is that she was her own worst enemy. It was her obsession. In all the years that she kept saying that Brooke stole her husband, the real truth was that she drove Eric away….and she may have again. And she realizes now so much time, energy and love just thrown away, just wasted. She knows she has destroyed a lot of relationships and drove people away that she loves. She’d like to rebuild them, and wants to start with Brooke. They could begin with a new respect for one another. Brooke lets her know that she doesn’t respect Stephanie anymore. She used to, she used to die for her approval. For her love and acceptance and with Ridge all wrapped up in a little bow. And now the shoe is on the other foot…and she just wants Stephanie to go. Reluctantly, Stephanie asks if she will at least think about what she said? Brooke replies no, but she will do one thing – just forget about her. Because even after what happened to her, Brooke feels she is still better off than Stephanie. She’s not broken and she’s not damaged. And Stephanie will be lucky that anyone she loves will even look at her again. Brooke states she is surrounded by love, and stronger than she has ever been. Maybe she needed to see Stephanie to understand that. Stephanie acknowledges then she is glad she came.

Stephanie goes straight to Forrester’s to see Eric. She admires his new haircut and remarks she didn’t even have to badger him to get it. She also acknowledges his new jacket. She tells him she just saw Brooke and while it didn’t go as smoothly as she would have liked, she thinks it did help Brooke. She reminds him that she would wrestle an alligator if he asked, she wants them back. He reminds her that she was the one who left. She realizes this is not going to be easy or fixed overnight, but if they could just take it one step at a time, then she could prove……She spies the designs and has a few changes or something more dignified. He nixes that and wants to see more of what promotions comes up with. Suddenly it strikes her – sizing him up she says he has a new jacket, a new cologne, a new hairstyle – he’s having an affair!

Ridge drops in on Brooke. She tells him his mother was just there and even gave them her blessing. He admits he was the fool, all they could have had and the hurt they could have prevented. She points out but they survived it and here they are, “you and me” and nothing is preventing them now from having what they want, “or is there?”

Stephanie suspects Jackie until Eric says it’s not, then a model as they have loose lips and gossip. He doesn’t want her finishing his sentences or treating him like a ten-year-old. And it’s not what he sees in her that he doesn’t see in Stephanie. It’s just that when he’s with her, he can actually stand himself. When Donna walks in unannounced and Eric won’t dismiss her, Stephanie’s antennae goes up and she realizes “her” is Donna. With a disgusted look, she remarks that this is another son’s reject, how could he be such an old fool?

Ridge confesses he is still not over it – Brooke leaving him for Nick. She says it didn’t happen that way, but he knows she wanted it to. And even though Nick is happily married to Taylor now, the baby he and Brooke share does not make that impossible now. She laments that she loves him and has since the first day she met him. If they can’t count on that, what can they count on? They can figure it out as they go along. Can he do that with her? She repeats again that she loves him, more than any man she has ever loved, and desperately wants to share a life with him. With their child and family and she just hopes he will give her one more chance to prove that. And Nick and Taylor’s baby is not going to be an issue. And…..Ashley….she is an exceptional woman and Ridge doesn’t want to hurt her, but he will just have to break off that engagement. Just do it, it’s “our time.” She pleads, “please….. come back to me. Just come back to me."

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