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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/25/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Thorne and Katie have spent the day together and dropped Donna off somewhere. When they come back to his place, Katie comments that he has been awfully quiet, is something wrong? He just can’t get over what his mother must have done so wrong for his dad to be treating her this way. What did she do to deserve that? And Donna, don’t even get him started on that. He lies awake at night trying to wrap his brain around the fact that she might turn out to be his step-mother? He knows why his dad is interested in her, she put herself out there, but he now has put her on a pedestal and defends her and his years and years of marriage to Stephanie doesn’t mean anything. Katie admits she doesn’t talk to Donna much any more, and she really shouldn’t say anything about Brooke either, but…..Brooke was raped…..and his mother had something to do with that.

At work, but not concentrating much, Eric leaves a message for Stephanie to stay away from Brooke. And call him back so he can make sure she got this message. He tells Ridge he just got back from Brooke’s and believe him, Stephanie would be the last person Brooke wanted to see. Stephanie keeps explaining to Brooke that she doesn’t want to cause her any more pain. She had no idea what that man could do to Brooke or would do. “What HE could do to me?….it’s what YOU did to me, Stephanie,” barks Brooke. She had told him where to find the key. She’s surprised Stephanie didn’t just hand it over to him herself. Calmly, Stephanie says she can see how much pain she is in. If there is anything she can do to help her? Help – that word triggers more memories for Brooke of Andy wanting to 'help' her. Brooke rails at Stephanie, that it is her fault. That bastard wouldn’t have raped her if it hadn’t been for Stephanie.

All this information makes Thorne sick inside. But he needs to know what part his mother played in this. How did this Andy know so much about Brooke? Katie explains that somehow Stephanie had Andy’s number and encouraged him to go after Brooke. He’s astonished if Katie is saying that Stephanie is responsible for Brooke being raped.

Stephanie tries to make amends with Brooke and takes responsibility for what happened. But she needs Brooke to understand that it was nothing deliberate on her part. Brooke turns the tables and asks if Stephanie has ever been raped? She says no, thank God. Brooke remarks she wasn’t quite so fortunate. Thanks to Stephanie. And why should she care now? She probably laughed out loud when she heard and said that whore got what she deserved. She has no idea what Stephanie’s hatred set in motion. Stephanie agrees that she doesn’t; perhaps Brooke can tell her.

Eric is adamant to Ridge. Brooke has stated that Stephanie is not to set foot on her property….not now or anytime in the future. Ridge agrees….Brooke is still in so much rage and she refuses to acknowledge it. She won’t confront it, just wants to pretend it doesn’t exist. And if it keeps building up like this, it’s going to be dangerous. For Stephanie too, says Eric, as Brooke is going to blow. God only knows how Brooke is going to react.

Almost like using Stephanie as her therapist, Brooke fills her in on that night. It was the night before the hearing for custody of the children. All she wanted was some rest. Andy showed up at her gate wanting to see her. She told him to leave. Then she heard the bird chirping, but it wasn’t the mechanical bird but Andy himself in the house. She thought her heart was going to stop. She asked him to leave, but he wouldn’t. Suddenly Brooke doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Stephanie tells her she must. Brooke doesn’t understand why Stephanie is making her dredge this up again.

Katie explains that at best Stephanie should have checked this guy out and made sure he was who he said he was. Now Thorne understands why his dad would be so disgusted at his mother. And the hell Brooke must be going through because of his mother. Is there anything he can do to help? Katie answers that Brooke is in counseling, but she’s struggling. And she isn’t pressing charges as the guy had a freak accident. Thorne thinks that is good as he might have killed him himself. Katie says Brooke is lucky to have so many people like him care about her.

Brooke continues – she finally got Andy out of the house, shut the door, set the alarm and went up to her room. Unsuspecting, Andy clamped his hand over her mouth from behind and taunted her about wanting him, her sexy lingerie, playing hard to get. They fought, she fought to get away, she screamed, she broke away and ran downstairs, getting all the way to the door, but he was faster and managed to grab her and pin her to the floor. He hurt her, he hurt her bad, she cries. Brooke picks up a letter opener, the same one she used to stab Andy that night. She whimpers and drops the letter opener as she remembers calling him evil and stabbing him, and telling him to leave or she will kill him. For once in her life Stephanie is silent…..she is speechless but moves closer with a small compassionate smile. Brooke seems bewildered.

Katie is sorry that she had to lay this on Thorne. He is besides himself. What could his mother have been thinking? Katie doesn’t think she was thinking. He declares this obsession his mother has with Brooke has gone way too far. He wonders if his mother has learned anything from this? Katie doesn’t think even that will help Brooke now. Eventually she will survive; she’s strong but right now she’s keeping everything inside and won’t go there yet. He asks again if there is anything he can do? She thanks him. A lot of people say that, but when it comes out of his mouth it seems he really means it. Embarrassed, he backs off…perhaps they should talk about something else. She jokes perhaps what THEY say – sex, politics or baseball. ……how about them Dodgers? She likes a good game every now and then, she confesses. Or they don’t have to talk at all. Chagrined, he calls her sweet. She laughs, not sure he would ever describe either of her sisters as sweet. Or being their sisters why he hadn’t already shown her the door. THEY have been quoted a lot today when he says maybe third time is a charm. Good luck or bad? He laments that he thinks she, Katie Logan, could be very good luck for him. She smiles that she will try very hard to live up to that lovely prediction.

Ridge assures his dad that the procedure Brooke had last night has nothing to do with the rape. She is fine and that is all he can say for now. He is getting closer to Brooke because of his, and Eric is mildly interested. Is it just loyalty as the mother of his boy, or is he and Brooke finding their way back to each other? Ridge grins that he wishes he knew the answer to that. He suggests they try to call Stephanie again. He’d feel better to know where she is right now.

Brooke whispers that Andy said she wanted it and she didn’t; she is not a whore. Stephanie agrees – do not even say that or go there. It was not Brooke’s fault….and Stephanie sees that now. And all the years that she has been so unfair to her, all the vicious things she has said about her. She’s so sorry, Brooke is none of those things, she is a good woman. Brooke cries she fought, she tried to get away. Stephanie says she believes her. It wasn’t her fault, she didn’t deserve this. No woman deserves this. It’s all Stephanie’s fault, all hers. She brought it on with her hatred. She’s sorry……so, so sorry.

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