B&B Wednesday Update 10/24/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/24/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Felicia and Eric pick up where they left off the night before arguing over Eric’s affair with Donna. Felicia thinks the solution is simple enough end it and forgive Stephanie. It isn’t that simple Eric tells Felicia, it’s not just a fling. Donna provides him with much more than meaningless sex. Felicia is astounded that Eric is actually considering a future with Donna. The more Felicia resist’s the idea of Donna in Eric’s life and pushes towards her mother Eric tells her to stay out of it.

Ridge is paid a visit by Stephanie. He is shocked and unhappy to see her. At first he won’t let her in but finally allows her to step inside. Stephanie starts out telling Ridge that she missed him and tries to make small talk. Ridge doesn’t want to talk to her about anything. Soon the conversation comes back to Brooke. They argue over Stephanie’s intent or lack of, regardless Stephanie helped facilitate Andy’s brutal attack on Brooke. Ridge will never forget the part Stephanie played in that.

To change the subject Stephanie brings up his engagement to Ashley. After congratulating him she learns what Donna told her the night before is true. Brooke and Ridge have bonded like they never have before. Stephanie calmly tells her son that no matter who he picks she will stay out of the relationship. Stephanie makes a comment referring to speaking with Brooke.

This sets Ridge off. He orders Stephanie not to go anywhere near Brooke. Not today, not next week, not ever. Brooke Logan is off limits. Stephanie tries to convince Ridge that it is vital that she apologize and begin making amends for what she has done but Ridge won’t have it. He doesn’t care what Stephanie needs to do she is not to go near or speak to Brooke.

Bridget checks on Brooke to see how she is healing and recuperating after the transplant. Brooke is okay physically though she is weak and soar but emotionally she is at odds. Bridget assumes it is over the baby but Brooke tells her it is over Ridge. Brooke explains that Ridge knows and how they were moments from verbalizing their commitment to one another before Bridget called. Now Ridge is having trouble believing that doesn’t want to be and isn’t in any way connected to Nick. Brooke is not going to be a part of that baby’s life or Nick and Taylor’s. Brooke is desperate for Ridge to see that and be with her and their family.

Bridget makes Brooke a nice breakfast to help her recovery and keep her strength. Brooke doesn’t want to eat she is too upset over Ridge. To make the breakfast special Bridget is proud that she is serving it on Brooke’s silver platter that she loves. Brooke’s whole demeanor changes when Bridget makes the comment about the silver platter. Brooke turns hateful and angry. Remembering Andy bragging about Stephanie served her up on a silver platter sends Brooke into a meltdown. Bridget shakes Brooke to get her to calm down.

Bridget heads over to her dad’s house but Eric has already left to go see Brooke. Felicia tells Bridget that Stephanie is back and apparently trying to find Brooke. Bridget is concerned after seeing how upset Brooke was earlier. Bridget predicts if Brooke sees Stephanie they could have a real disaster on their hands.

Eric is concerned for Brooke who has called out of work for the day. When he arrives she explains she had a minor procedure last night but will return to work tomorrow. Eric is glad to hear she is okay but dreads telling her Stephanie has come home. Brooke is grateful for the heads up so she can avoid places Stephanie may be. Eric is surprised Brooke wouldn’t want the opportunity to confront Stephanie. Absolutely not Brooke tells him. She never wants to see Stephanie again.

Eric tells Brooke that he told Stephanie she had to come to Brooke and apologize and beg for forgiveness. Brooke is angry that Eric made such a decision without asking her first. Eric feels horrible. He promises to make sure Stephanie doesn’t come anywhere near Brooke. Brooke vows she may not be responsible if she were to see Stephanie face to face.

Eric leaves but Brooke expects he will return shortly, he forgot a file for work. The doorbell rings but it isn’t Eric. It’s Stephanie. Brooke gasps in fear when she sees Stephanie. Brooke staggers backwards to get away screaming for Stephanie to “Get out! Get out! ….” Stephanie tries to calm Brooke and assure her she means no harm yelling over the distraught Brooke “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….”

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