B&B Tuesday Update 10/23/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/23/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Nick wants to help his wife’s broken heart but all she can do is cry uncontrollably. Nick has an idea. They should name the baby, their baby. Nick throws a name out there for consideration. Taylor likes the middle name but has something else in mind for his first name. Jack, after Nick’s mom and Taylor’s dad. That’s it then , they agree. Jack Hamilton Marone will be their son’s name. Taylor feels a little better but still has problems looking at the baby and accepting that her child will forever be linked to Brooke Logan. Desperate to be free of Brooke her entire adult life sharing a child with the woman she nearly hates is unbearable. Taylor just can’t be happy to be Jack’s mother. Nick promises nothing has changed. all of their plans they made to be a happy family and raise a child, their child are all going to happen.

Ridge, not letting go of the comment by the doctor, pushes Brooke to explain how she got sucked into being a bone marrow donor for Nick and Taylor’s baby. Brooke is all over the board with her lengthy explanation but finally spit’s the truth out. Brooke credit’s the whole situation as a mistake in the lab. Ridge is blown away and not in a good way by the news.

This changes everything now that Nick and Brooke have a baby together. Brooke doesn’t exactly follow Ridge’s train of thought. There is not reason a mistake in the lab should change or hurt any of their futures. Nick and Taylor are the baby’s mother, and she and Ridge are going to finally spend their lives together. No, Ridge can’t accept this and live knowing Brooke and Nick have a child together. In all honesty he doesn’t think Brooke can live knowing her own flesh and blood is out there either.

Brooke doesn’t care about Nick or the baby. All she wants is Ridge. Brooke begs Ridge to forget about it and focus on them just as they were earlier this evening. Ridge is bordering on angry as he and Brooke debate her role in Nick and their son’s life. Brooke pleads “Don’t let this tear us apart!”

Stephanie arrives at Brooke’s house just as she promised Eric she would. Rather than Brooke, Stephanie is greeted by Donna. Donna is ready to let Stephanie have it. Donna immediately blasts Stephanie with blame and accusations of being a vindictive and horrible. Donna really gets under Stephanie’s skin when she tells her that Brooke and Ridge are closer than they have ever been thanks to Stephanie’s little plan. Stephanie really doesn’t believe Donna because Ridge is engaged to Ashley. No matter, nothing could compare to Donna marrying Thorne so things aren’t that bad. Donna knows she finally has Stephanie and can hurt her. Donna doesn’t reveal her affair with Eric but does warn Stephanie she is in for the hurt of her life.

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