B&B Monday Update 10/22/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/22/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie tells Eric that life without him would be her own personal hell. Eric seems to take this knowledge and use it to hurt his wife. Eric just can’t move past this incident and everything else she has done to their family all in the name of love and hate.

Stephanie begs and pleads with Eric to not dismiss their marriage over what happened to Brooke. When it appears that Stephanie is not getting through to her weak husband, the conversation turns heated.

Stephanie blames Brooke for everything that has gone wrong between Stephanie and her kids and husband. Eric defends Brooke, laying all blame back on Stephanie. Stephanie admits she hates Brooke and hate has driven her to do many things that Eric hasn’t approved of but that doesn’t mean she didn’t love him and the kids. Eric can’t talk to her no more he turns his back on Stephanie. Stephanie offers to go over to Brooke’s and apologize immediately if that is what Eric wants. Eric tells her she should do that but doesn’t claim that will be the band-aid their relationship and family needs. He doesn’t commit to giving their marriage another try but he hasn’t completely called an end to it.

Stephanie leaves the house under the pretext that she is going to begin mending things between her and Brooke. Donna returns from the terrace. Donna promises Eric she can and will make him happy and make him feel good about himself. Eric is glad to have Donna in his life and all of the joys Donna has brought him as of late. The time has come, Eric must now chose. Stephanie or Donna. Eric engulfs Donna into his arms.

Between Taylor’s hysteria ,over learning Brooke is the biological mother of her new baby; and Brooke’s bad timing, wanting to speak with the distraught mother, Nick has his hands full. Brooke seems confused as if the entire reasoning for Taylor’s duress is uncalled for. Taylor yells at Brooke to leave, even threatening security. Brooke doesn’t of course, she just looks blankly at Taylor with her mouth slightly open as if she wants to say something. Nick stands by for the time being to let the women speak. Brooke tells Taylor, still confused about Taylor’s anger, that she does not intend on taking the baby. Brooke simply gave the little guy what he needed now it is time for Taylor to be the mother he needs. Taylor snaps back “don’t tell me how to be a mother” Brooke makes other wordage errors while trying to talk to Taylor who is really to upset to discuss anything at the moment. Taylor slowly calms down but doesn’t trust Brooke. Nick finally intervenes and assures his wife that they will raise the unnamed baby boy just as they had planned. Taylor hugs Nick and wants to believe what he says. All that Nick just accomplished in reassuring Taylor Brooke turns around and undoes because she doesn’t know when to stop talking. Taylor is speaking in a civil tone now, but she doubts Brooke’s sincerity. Taylor asks Brooke expecting a serious answer if she can really just walk away from the baby and never wonder if things could have or should have been different. Brooke claims that she can and even adds “I pray to god you can too.” Taylor just glares accusingly.

Ridge waits at his house for Brooke to return. Phoebe stops by so thrilled for her mother. According to Phoebe everything and everyone is A-OK. Ridge doesn’t understand what could be keeping Brooke. The evening is growing stranger and stranger for Ridge, who seems to have forgotten he has a fiancé that is in Paris.

Ridge can’t take it any longer and makes his way to the hospital. Once at the hospital Ridge finds out that Brooke obviously donated something to the Marone baby. This is even more curious to Ridge. Brooke is weak but manages to make it back to her room to be surprised by Ridge. Ridge bombards her with questions about the baby, his illness, Brooke’s procedure, etc. Ridge can’t commend his “Logan” enough for saving the little baby’s life. Brooke is beginning to take on the hero complex as everyone thanks her and credits Brooke for the life of Baby Marone. Brooke happens to leave out the part of the story about her being the egg donor and the baby is really hers.

While Ridge is in the back of the room getting Brooke water, the doctor comes in to tell Brooke what a wonderful thing she did for her son. Ridge wants to know why the doctor referred to Nick and Taylor’s baby as her son. Brooke just sips her water and grins.

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