B&B Friday Update 10/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/19/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Taylor knows the donor is just feet away but Nick is acting strange and won’t let her meet the mother. Taylor insists and begs to just say thank you. Brooke sits in silence listening to Nick convince Taylor she shouldn’t meet the donor mother. The nurses come to take the baby back to the nursery, this diverts Taylor’s attention and she forgets about meeting the donor until she returns to her room. After visiting with her son Taylor decides to bring up the subject again , whining “it isn’t fair you got to meet her and I can’t” Nick doesn’t give an explanation leading Taylor to believe something is wrong. Nick begins to explain. Taylor is definitely sharper than Brooke, she begins to piece together what Nick is trying to say . In a timely manner, considering how ludicrous the whole chain of events is. As Nick goes on, Taylor assumes the “Marone egg” was that of Bridget without considering Brooke. Shock and dismay consume Taylor but Nick corrects her, Bridget is not the donor. She is relieved to learn the mother is not Bridget, but the truth is more than she can handle. Taylor rambles on about how awkward it would be if Bridget were the biological mother. This only makes what Nick has to tell her harder to say.

Nick tells her the real mother was Brooke. Taylor go ballistic. She cannot be consoled and blames Brooke, claiming Brooke has stolen everything from Taylor her entire adult life. Nick tries to calm his wife but she will not let him touch her or speak to her. Nick doesn’t feel it is fair to blame Brooke but Taylor fires back “Don’t you dare defend Brooke!” Furious doesn’t even begin to describe Taylor’s anger. At a loss finally Taylor throws herself on to the bed weeping uncontrollably and Nick can do nothing but stare out the window.

Brooke makes her way to Taylor’s room and to her bedside. Brooke reaches out, gently touching Taylor on the shoulder and sweetly calls her name. Taylor turns to look Brooke in the eye. Her expression and eyes reveal pure hate for Brooke.

Donna can tell that Felicia and the thought of Stephanie returning is getting to Eric after he pulls away from kissing her.  Donna doesn’t believe Stephanie will ever return to town. She is too ashamed to face the reality of what she has done. Eric does feel badly for Brooke and guilty by association, but there is still a little string of something keeping him connected to Stephanie. Donna continues to pressure Eric to divorce Stephanie and to never forgive her. Donna speaks quietly and innocently as she begs him to turn Stephanie away when or if she returns to LA. Donna lures Eric in telling him that she is in love with him.

Eric would rather concentrate on what he has at the moment. His kids and grandkids, his company, and the beautiful blonde that has fallen in love with him. Stephanie is out of his mind once more when his lips touch those of Donna. Little do either of them know, but Stephanie is back!

Stephanie has arrived home, driven by her mother. Stephanie finds returning to the house and facing her husband to be more difficult than she had thought. Stephanie hesitates but constant berating from her mother pushes her out of the car and onto the doorstep of her home. Stephanie regrets going to her mother who can only insult Stephanie and remind her what an evil controlling person she is. Steph’s mother can’t wait to be rid of her daughter. Ready to face the firing squad Stephanie tries the door but finds it is locked. This is puzzling, they never lock their door. She bangs on the oversized door calling out for Eric or Rosa the maid.

Eric sends Donna to the terrace instructing her not to make a sound. Even now Eric is still afraid of Stephanie, Donna too despite all of her tough talk. Eric answers the door. The second the door is open, Stephanie is back to the self-assured confidant woman she was before the rape incident. Eric doesn’t greet Stephanie warmly. She realizes he isn’t so willing to just get over this latest sin. Stephanie asks then turns to begging, for Eric to forgive her and not end their marriage. Eric stays silent for most of the conversation but his feelings towards Stephanie are clear.

Donna listens from the terrace.

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