B&B Thursday Update 10/18/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/18/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ashley arrives after a long international flight in Europe. She checks into the Forrester International suite that the company keeps for executives on travel. Ashley is beat and in need of a relaxing bath. After her luggage is dropped off by the bellhop, she slips out of her dress and into the bath. But wait! Her bathtub is occupied by another Forrester executive. Rick Forrester.

Rick is coy and sees nothing wrong with the chance erotic encounter. He even welcomes it, but Ashley isn’t as amused. She covers her body being timid with her one-time lover who is more than comfortable showing off his body. Rick tries to flirt but Ashley shuts him down. She asks him to leave.  Neither knew the other would be in Paris or the suite but Rick agrees to leave. Before he moves to another room Rick tells her he thinks Ridge is simply playing games with her. Ashley doesn’t want to hear it .

Back home in the US, Ridge waits patiently by the minute and into many hours for Brooke to return from the hospital. Katie comes home to find Ridge dressed up and waiting for Brooke. She doesn’t hesitate to express her feelings that by him being there he is leading Brooke on. Ridge doesn’t come right out and tell Brooke but he hints that he knows and he intends to be what Brooke not only needs but wants. Ridge waits longer for Brooke who hasn’t called and isn’t coming home.

At the hospital Brooke doesn’t understand what Bridget and Nick are trying to tell her as tactfully as possible until they come right out with it. Brooke’s eggs she had tested were mixed up with the anonymous donor’s eggs. Brooke’s egg was implanted in Taylor.

Brooke is surprised and confused to say the least but more than willing to help, however she can, to save the new baby’s life. Brooke is immediately prepped and taken in for the removal of bone marrow. Nick stands by his baby and Brooke.

Taylor is sleeping due to a sedative that was needed to calm her down. Bridget is with Taylor when she comes to. Bridget assures Taylor everything has been taken care of . Taylor wants to see her son and the donor. When Taylor is alone she climbs into a wheelchair and sets out to find the donor of bone marrow and the egg as well as her husband.

Brooke tells Nick she accepts that Taylor carried the baby and they will be a family. She doesn’t intend on taking that from him. Suddenly Taylor’s voice calling for Nick catches their attention. To prevent Taylor and Brooke from an awkward situation Nick pulls a curtain to hide Brooke and greets his wife. Taylor is anxious to shower the mysterious donor with her gratitude. Nick tries to hold her at bay while Brooke listens in horror of being found out.

Before Taylor interrupted Nick and Brooke’s moment enjoying their parental accomplishment, Ridge calls Brooke. She tells him not what is going on but she will tell him in the morning. Ridge closes the conversation with “Logan. I love you” Brooke tells him she loves him back but turns her attention and affection to Nick.

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