B&B Wednesday Update 10/17/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/17/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Taylor grows more and more hysterical with every passing moment. Unsure of her babies life and getting no information from doctors Nick has his hands full as they await word from the lab about Nick being a donor. The doctors and nurses are working feverishly to find help for the fragile baby. Word comes down from the lab. Nick is NOT able to provide bone marrow for his new son. Nick is carrying a virus that to most people go unnoticed and never cause anyone harm. Only his son would die if exposed to this virus.

Bridget has no idea of the chaos that has erupted since the baby’s birth as she and Carl await their own lab results. DNA, who is the mother. Carl is mesmerized when the results come in. He can’t utter the words. Bridget is taken under the same spell as she stares aimlessly at the screen revealing who the mother of Nick’s baby is.

Nick bursts into the lab. He has to know because the baby is sick and could die. The doctors are contacting the anonymous donor as they speak and getting her to the hospital to see if she is a match. Bridget tears up she is so very sorry. The egg belonged to Brooke. Nick is stunned but no time to dwell on that now. They have to get Brooke to the hospital, NOW.

While Bridget and Nick are dealing with the deadly genetic disorder of the baby, Brooke and Ridge pose romantically in front of the fire place sipping Champagne. The photo shoot is to welcome the first couple of fashion back, on the cover of “Eye On Fashion”. the photographer is excited and knows Jared will love the photos of Brooke and Ridge. They are really in rare form. Ridge and Brooke enjoy themselves as they hold each other and stand close. Brooke knows this is bringing a flood of memories back for Ridge as well as herself. Just like the old days where Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester reigned supreme personally and professionally. She will get that back for both of them. Intimate, flirty, sexy; that’s what the photographer wants, and that is exactly what she gets. Brooke and Ridge really ham it up for the camera. This is natural to them they just melt together in so many ways.

Once the photo crew is gone Brooke asks Ridge to stay with her and finish the Champagne. “It would be a crime to pour good bubbly down the sink.” Brooke jokes. Ridge is high on the moment and gives in though he knows better. Brooke tells him RJ will be home soon and he would be thrilled to see Ridge. The fire place is going, candles are lit, the lights are dimmed, both are dressed to the nines. Ridge remembers what these celebrations were once like and how they can never go back to what they were. Or can they Brooke asks. No they can’t ridge tries to stay faithful and loyal to Ashley who is in Paris.

Brooke’s one big unforgivable mistake was running to Nick when they returned from Sydney. She sees now, as she has told Ridge time and time again, that she will never be with Nick or as connected to him as she is with Ridge. She and Nick will never share a child or their past together the way she and Ridge do. Ridge stares deep into Brooke’s eyes, he does long for the passion for life they used to share and would give anything if the recent past could be undone. Brooke whispers how she wants nothing more in the world than to be his “Logan” again. Ridge says nothing. Brooke can see it in his eyes, he wants that too.

A few more sips of Champagne, a kiss and Ridge is hooked. Again! Ridge has succumbed to Brooke and her, supposed, never ending love for him. Before they can move forward with the rest of their life together Brooke’s cell rings.

It’s Bridget, urgently needing her mother at the hospital. Brooke is full of questions but does leave right away as her daughter asked. Before rushing out Brooke gives Ridge one more kiss and instructs him, “No matter what, don’t go anywhere.” Ridge waits.

Bridget stops the procedure and informs the doctor in charge of the latest developments. Bridget has already called Brooke and insisted she come to the hospital immediately. Brooke is on her way.

Nick can’t face his hysterical wife who is being contained physically and with sedatives. When Brooke arrives Nick is waiting by the elevator for her. He pulls her into an exam room to speak in private. He begins but doesn’t give anything away. He can’t seem to find the words or even where to begin. Bridget arrives shortly after to break the starling news, only she gets choked up as she begins to explain the severity of the baby’s condition.

Brooke understands it is tragic and the need for concern but she does not understand why this matter concerns her. Nick steps forward worried that every second wasted could be crucial to the baby’s survival. telling her “This has everything to do with you. Everything.”

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