B&B Tuesday Update 10/16/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/16/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Felicia’s fury rages on against her cheating father and mother’s sworn enemy. Donna and Eric each try to get a word or two in but there isn’t room as long as Felicia commands the floor. There is nothing Stephanie could have done or could ever do that is just so horrible that it can never be forgiven or deserve to be betrayed like she has been. Felicia is confused and will not accept that Stephanie could do anything “unforgivable”.

Eric and Donna are forced to tell the feisty Forrester exactly what Stephanie did. Felicia isn’t as easily convinced as everyone else of Stephanie’s guilt. She was at Café Ruse that night after all and saw Brooke holding hands with Andy. This is news to Eric and Donna but they still choose to blame Stephanie for Brooke being raped. Felicia isn’t as willing as everyone else to give up on her mother. Felicia stands by Stephanie and will when she returns to town to reclaim her life, husband, and company.

Donna and Felicia fight. Felicia could care less what Donna thinks of Stephanie and of Brooke’s rape but she certainly could care less how she feels about Eric. Eric defends Donna and tries to reason with his daughter. Not only will Felicia not listen to what Eric has to say she hands down a stern threat. She had better never catch Donna in her house and with her father again. Donna thinks she can stand up to Felicia but the mere thought of taking Donna on practically makes Felicia laugh out loud. “You don’t want to take me on cupcake, it wont be pretty.”

Taylor and Nick only get a few happy, worry free moments to enjoy their baby and family before they learn of a tragic, deadly illness the baby has. Nick and Taylor are left to face the bad news all alone and without moral support. Jackie and the kids run off to get baby items left behind at the shower and Bridget is running a top secret DNA test that Nick ordered. The new Marone baby boy has been born with practically no immune system and must be placed in a sterile environment immediately. Taylor cries hysterically when her baby is pulled from her arms.

The doctor explains they caught the genetic disorder early and can treat it but they must act quickly. Nick and Taylor order the staff to do whatever it takes to save their unnamed son. Taylor isn’t handling the news well at all and knowing there is nothing she can do to help save her babies life is more heart breaking. The baby will need a bone marrow transplant. Nick is a possible candidate but Taylor is not an option. Nick tries to stay calm and be a solid source of support for his wife but he is consumed with worry and fear.

Luckily, there was a clause in the donor contract that she could be contacted if the baby’s life is in jeopardy. The hospital staff get right on locating the egg donor.

The anonymous donor isn’t happy to hear from the hospital but does feel bad for the little boy she helped bring into the world. Will she step up and help save her biological son’s life or will she fade away into the faceless world the egg came from? Or will it even matter by the time the DNA results come back?

While Nick and Taylor are receiving the devastating news, Dr. Bridget Forrester is in the lab personally running the DNA test on the Marrone baby. Carl waits with her. Bridget is anxious and wants to be alone but Carl refuses not to be apart of the fact finding process. For months ,and even to this very moment, the results of maternity seems to be the worst thing Bridget and Nick could face with this baby. She says a prayer to herself asking that Brooke not be the mother. The results are in! check back tomorrow to find out at last who the mother of Nick’s son is!

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