B&B Monday Update 10/15/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/15/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

It feels good to be Ridge Forrester. Ridge gives an exclusive interview to Jared who is thrilled that Forrester Creations is back under the command of the Forrester family. Jared wants to do a last minute front page spread of Ridge and Brooke. Ridge is hesitant to agree but knows how that will boost sales and excitement for them. Ridge agrees.

Taylor’s water broke, she is definitely having her baby today. Everyone at the party rushes around making the necessary plans and arrangements. Nick and Bridget get Taylor to the hospital. Everything is going to be fine assures the doctor. Taylor is immediately taken into a birthing room. Bridget helps in anyway she can from the medical side and as a friend to the couple. Things are going well while Taylor’s family and friends wait with much worry.

Taylor is really struggling as she is determined to give birth naturally. The doctors feel she should have no problem but when the baby’s heart rate begins to decrease, concern for mother and baby are rising. Bridget is ordered to prep for an emergency Cesarean. Taylor begs for them not to perform a Cesarean but the baby is in danger. The doctor allows Taylor one more attempt before they have to go into surgery. Taylor does it! She gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

Bridget is glad to give the good news to Jackie, Thomas, and Phoebe. The new parents hold their baby in joy and swelling with pride.

Brooke rushes into Ridge’s office with the news of Taylor going into labor. Ridge is concerned not only for Taylor but his arch-enemy as well. They wait together for word on Taylor and the baby’s condition. This gives Brooke another opportunity to remind Ridge of the beautiful healthy perfect little boy she gave him.

Donna stays behind at the Forrester house. Eric returns home just as everyone was rushing off to the hospital. He is consumed with deep concern for Taylor whom he still loves as a daughter. Eric’s huge heart is just one of many reasons Donna is falling in love with him. When she tells him just that, they find themselves kissing and busted. Again! Felicia isn’t nearly as kind as Thorne was when he found Donna and Eric in the same position just days ago.

Felicia doesn’t care what is going on between them; she just wants it to stop now. Felicia is certain Eric and Stephanie will work out their problems as they always do. She begs her father not to throw away a lifetime on Donna Logan.

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