B&B Friday Update 10/12/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/12/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge seems surprised, but pulls away from Brooke on the bed, despite her leaning in for another kiss. He stands up and says it feels right, but it isn’t. They have to move on with their lives. Brooke says she can give him up if she has to, but if she doesn’t have to. Yes, there might still be something between them, but Ridge says they don't have to act on it. She reminds him again that she will be the good ex-wife and stay away, but she doesn't think that is what he really wants. Does he care about Ashley as much as he cares about her? She leaves him to think about that. He seems surprised that she is going to Taylor's baby shower. She explains she is not a threat to that marriage anymore. She has NO ties to Nick, so why shouldn't she go?

Donna pops in the Forrester house for the shower and Jackie is the first one to jump up and ask sarcastically what is she doing here? She reminds her this is a baby shower; no one ordered a stripper. Jackie asks Felicia who put Donna on the guest list? She remarks it was Jackie, Donna is her friend. Jackie says that was before Nick sold the company back to Eric. Felicia wonders what that has to do with Donna? "More than you want to know," spits Jackie.

Rick is making some finishing touches and notes on some dresses and tells the models he has to go alone to Paris to get International back on track. Ridge enters and makes a foul remark that why doesn't he just make it a permanent residence? Rick dishes it back that why would Ridge want him to leave L.A. and miss Ridge digging his own grave? He's got Ashley, one of the most engaging women he's ever met, yet he wants to keep his mom, Brooke, dangling on a string. And the entire thing will blow up in his face, and Rick wants to be there for that, front row center.

Nick manages to get Thomas back home to spend some time with his mother before the baby is born. But he tells Nick it will take more than a plane ticket to get Steffy back. She is uptight about her studies, determined to ace every course. Nick knows Thomas used to want his parents back together and wasn't in Nick's corner. Thomas reminds him that was then, he sees how happy his mom is with Nick and how happy the baby is making her, so he's cool. They shake hands on it and Nick appreciates the advice.

Brooke arrives late and the only seat is the one next to Ashley so she demurely sits there. Her gift is a baby album and Taylor thanks her for it. Ashley quips was there a two for one sale on photo albums? Brooke smiles and says they are always appreciated. Not so, says Ashley, not always. The one she gave Ridge was kind of inappropriate. Brooke counters with hmmmmm, she got the feeling he really liked it.

Rick tells Ridge that he and his mom are doing their little dance all over again. Ridge counters with yes, and they share a son together. To which Rick replies, yes she has two children with his father and yet he doesn't see her spending the night up at Big Bear with Eric. Ridge snarks they didn't spend the night! Rick doesn't care, he can save his explanations for Ashley......not that she is going to believe him either. Ridge maintains that he is not pursuing his mother. Rick accepts that, it's too simple. With him it's cat and mouse. With his mom, it's chemical and more complicated. And just the thought of them ending back up together makes his skin peel back from the bone. But, at least he knows if they do end up back together, it won't last......as it never does. He scoffs if Ridge thinks that big, fat ring on Ashley's finger will blind her from what's really going on.

Ridge finds this amusing; Rick wants Ashley for himself. Rick admits he thought he had lost her forever, but that is not the case. Ridge says no, because he never had her. What he really had was a fling, a fling that really hurt his daughter. Rick admits that yes, he made some poor choices and mistakes. But, the difference in the two of them is that he learns from his mistakes and doesn't repeat them. And, if he and Ashley do get back together, he will tell her so she will know that he will treat her the way she deserves to be treated. He holds up the sketch of Ashley's wedding gown and admits it's beautiful. Too bad it will go to waste.....or maybe it won't. He can picture her in it and walking down the aisle and Rick will have the best view in the house.

Jackie corners Donna again and warns her not to look upstairs, Eric is not home. They spar with polite words and Jackie points out it will all be over when Stephanie returns. Donna isn't scared, that marriage is finished as the sale of the company is contingent on Eric's divorce. Jackie laments not to count her chickens where Stephanie is concerned. Ashley also follows Brooke to comment on her being late. Brooke relays that yes, she thought she knew exactly where she was going before the shower, but she ended up somewhere else. Ashley tells her that she too is going somewhere else - Paris as soon as the shower is over. Slyly, Brooke asks if Ashley isn't worried about leaving Ridge all alone? Her reply, "well if I were, I wouldn't be going."

Brooke interrupts things by giving a syrupy speech about how happy she is for Nick and Taylor, how envious she is of what they have, having a baby. She wishes she were going to have another. Taylor responds with her own thanks of how she and Brooke have worked through their issues and she really appreciates her attitude now. She goes on and on how happy she is, how grateful she is, how wonderful her husband is.......Nick sneaks in and grabs her from behind and then presents his present - Thomas. Taylor runs to him and covers him with hugs.

Ridge thinks Rick is getting ahead of himself. Please don't try to undermine his relationship with Ashley. It just wouldn't be healthy for him. Rick says he doesn't have to, Ridge is doing that all by himself....Ashley is on to him with all this time she sees him spending with his mother. He's not even trying to hide it. Ridge says that's because there is nothing to hide. Ashley understands a lot of things that Rick doesn't. Rick realizes his mother is a dreamer, but with Ridge there is always a complication.

Everyone has made a toast so Thomas has to make one too. He says this is one lucky kid with a terrific mom and to see how happy she is....and his dad gives terrific gifts. Taylor agrees and goes to kiss Nick. In the middle of his speech that he's been waiting his whole life for this, Taylor bends over in pain and declares that the baby is coming. It's too early, but nevertheless, the baby is coming!

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