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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/11/07


Written By Dani
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Donna questions Brooke about last night and wants all the details about Ridge and the photo album. Brooke remains optimistic that, despite Ridge saying he is marrying Ashley, that they have another chance. Donna needs to see Katie first and then she will meet Brooke at Taylor’s baby shower.

Ashley discovers the photo album, and when Ridge wakes, she presents him with it. She’s less than pleased when he takes it so casually, Brooke’s way of saying goodbye. She asks him not to insult her intelligence. So he went there to resolve things and ended up reminiscing? It was more than insensitive of him. She feels she has been patient, but enough is enough. She’s had it. Immediately he turns apologetic. She is right, it was insensitive of him and he should not have brought it in to their bedroom. He vows nothing happened, they just looked at old picture and reminisced. She reminds him he did not go over to Brooke’s to re-live their old romance. She sighs and says she can not go on with this wedding. If he is drawn to Brooke in any way, for whatever reasons, she can’t do that to herself or her daughter. She’s been through too much already. Ashley says she wants this marriage to be her last, but he has to want that too. He agrees, but says it sounds like it is leading to an ultimatum. She conveys to him that after Taylor’s shower she is going to Paris on business. She needs him to use that time for him to decide what he wants; WHO he wants. He confesses he wants her. She stresses then if he wants to share a life with her, then he needs to really let Brooke know once and for all. She thought that was what last night was about, but here they are again. She cries that she loves him, and doesn’t want to lose him, but she would be a fool to walk down that aisle thinking Brooke was completely out of his life. Only to find the next day or the next week that she was still important in his life. She doesn’t want that kind of pain in her life, or for him either. He looks her right in the eye and says he loves her too, and he will deal with Brooke once and for all (famous last words).

Nick ushers Taylor to the Forrester door but declares he will forgo whatever ‘you wild women’ do at these parties. He spirits Bridgette away to be alone so they can discuss having a test to prove who is the mother of this child that Taylor is carrying. But once he finds out the procedure can’t be done without Taylor knowing why, then case closed. He will just accept the baby is his and Taylor’s. And will hear no ‘what ifs’ concerning Brooke being the mother.

Taylor is overwhelmed at how much trouble Felicia went to and how beautiful the house is. She beams that Jackie helped too. Jackie maintains it was her pleasure and that she would do anything for the woman who is finally going to give her Nick a child.

Katie tells Donna how disgusting she thinks she is, just utterly disgusting. What could she possibly be thinking, seeing Eric Forrester! The man’s marriage is in a crisis, and Donna is taking advantage! She’s sleeping with him, how could she think so little of herself? Donna is outraged, how dare Katie judge her. Katie says she doesn’t want to, but Donna is leaving herself wide open. And this can’t bring anything but heartache to all involved. All she has to do is mention how upset Thorne is, and Donna jumps all over that. She knows that Katie has a crush on Thorne and that is why she broke up their wedding. Katie declares Donna is just being delusional if she thinks Eric is going to marry her.

Brooke sees Ashley leave and walks in on Ridge as he is emerging from the shower. Trying to overcome his modesty or rather the inappropriateness of her being in his bedroom, Ridge offers Brooke to go back downstairs with him. However, she lingers and tells him she slept better last night, and it was all because of him. She spots the photo album on the bed and he asks if she did that on purpose to cause some sort of friction? She surmises that Ashley didn’t like it and gave him an ultimatum. No, Brooke says, it was not a ploy, it was more like therapy for her, making her look back on her life and what she needs right now. He knows that this is totally understandable considering what she has gone through. And perhaps if Ashley hadn’t come into his life, things would be different. He shrugs, but she has, they fell in love and they are going to be married. So things between him and Brooke will never be the way they used to be. This is Ashley’s life and her little girl’s too. He thinks they deserve to know there is a commitment and that his life with Brooke is completely behind him (another famous last words). She wonders if he can really do that? He says yes….she keeps on until he tells her to stop. He does think he and Ashley can have a wonderful life together, but Brooke has got to let go. “For everybody’s sake here, let …….. me………go!”

Donna is through being lectured to. This is her life and she could care less what Katie thinks. She will do what she damn well pleases. Katie rails again, sure, that is the Logan mantra. Does she know how embarrassing it has been over the years living with Brooke and Donna? Doing what they want, no matter who it hurts or who gets in the way? Having to constantly make excuses for them and paste a smile on her face and listen to people whispering behind her back and judge her for their stupid and selfish actions. She has lived with it her entire life, and she is SICK of it. Donna could care less that Katie is embarrassed by both hers and Brooke’s actions. She gives her sis some advice – Miss Holier-Than-Thou, lighten up and perhaps she might have some fun too. And as for Eric, she has no intentions of backing away. He’s older but when they are together, it feels so right. Sure, Katie says, that makes it alright then. Donna leaves with some sarcastic parting words to Miss Saint In Training. And she won’t judge Felicia either as she has done things that would make even Donna blush…..and she might turn out to be her step-daughter someday.

Ashley announces it is getting late and she wonders where the rest of the guests are? Felicia says she invited Donna and Brooke, she can’t imagine where they are. Ashley says she knows where Brooke better not be. Brooke tells Ridge she does not want to complicate his life this way, she has to stop. But, how can she do that when with every breath that she takes she believes it is not over for them. He tries to make her see, that is what he has been telling her. It is NOT over. They will always have a relationship as R.J.’s parents. Brooke asks is that all, nothing else? He says he loves Ashley, he is committed to her. She slowly goes and sits on the bed (NOW Ridge, time to get her scrawny butt outta there). He says he wants her to be happy too, for all that she has been through the last few weeks. She proclaims that she is a survivor and it’s only because of him. He’s really helped her, and she believes he is the only man she will ever want. But, if he says that Ashley is that special…….(he sits beside her here, bad move). He asks will Brooke give them her blessing? She laughs and says no, but she would be the good ex-wife and put a smile on her face – even though he probably can see right through it……but if that is what he needs her to do, the role he wants her to play, she will do it. She will be the former wife who will not cause any more trouble. She doesn’t want to give him one more minute of heartache. He smiles and calls her Logan, and gives her hair a caress and her a quick kiss. They give each other that look and he kisses her again……and then a much deeper, longer kiss, more until they both lay back on the bed. (has it been five minutes since he proclaimed his love and commitment to Ashley?)

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