B&B Wednesday Update 10/10/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/10/07


Written By Dani

Eric asks Ashley to speak with him. Eric wants to make sure Ashley is comfortable with all of the changes being made within the company and family. Specifically Brooke. Ashley assumes now that Brooke is on board her lab will be moved across town or possible she will be reassigned out of the country. Eric assures her he intends no such thing. He admires and appreciates what Ashley has done for the company and her craft in general. Ashley asks for Eric’s support because she doesn’t feel up to this point he has given it to her. Eric revisits Brooke and Ridge’s past but agrees to support Ashley and her marriage to Ridge after she snaps at him. Ashley is so sick of everyone telling her every time she turns around what a magical untouchable bond Ridge has with Brooke. She simply doesn’t feel this is true. She and Ridge are in love and are going to get married. Ashley goes home to meet Ridge after she feels enough has been said and Donna Logan is lurking in the doorway.

Donna asks about Eric’s talk with Thorne. Eric isn’t interested in talking about Thorne, he would much rather discuss her. Already Eric is overwhelmed with work and the office is more of a home to him than the house he lives in. Eric is still reeling from his victorious purchase of the company from Nick. None of Eric’s happiness would be happening if it weren’t for Donna.

Donna wants to know what Eric plans to do when Stephanie comes home. He doesn’t know exactly. Donna confesses that she started “this fling” with him because she knew it was the right thing for him not because she thought she was right for him. Now she is in a position to be hurt by him. Eric softly tells her he doesn’t want to nor does he intend on hurting her.

Ridge wants to resolve some lingering issues. Brooke assumes he is ready to move forward with her and call a halt to his farce of an engagement to Ashley. On the contrary Ridge wants Brooke to understand he is in love with Ashley and intends to marry her. But he is sorry he missed the counseling session and he does want to be there to support her it just can’t be every time. Ashley is annoyed by the way Brooke is clinging to Ridge and it must stop, especially when Brooke has two very supportive sisters and a daughter that is a doctor.

Brooke acts as though she doesn’t hear what ridge is saying and moves forward with her train of thought. She needs him. She wants him. She will have him because he needs and wants her too. Brooke is giddy though Ridge is telling her there will never be anything between them. She still believes in them and what they will be but for the time being she will let Ridge find this out on his own. Ridge just thinks that Brooke has been getting mixed signals. Brooke has an easy explanation, ridge has mixed feelings. There is still something between them and something has been happening lately. That’s exactly ridge’s point whatever she thinks has been happening whether it has or not must stop, tonight. Brooke isn’t going to stop proving her love, their love. Before Ridge leaves she gives him a photo album of old pictures of them together.

Ashley waits alone at home while Ridge sits with Brooke and walks down memory lane looking at photos.

By the time Ridge makes it home Ashley is asleep. He wakes her. When Ashley asks how the talk went Ridge won’t talk about it tonight, it will have to wait until morning. Ashley now lies awake with wonder as Ridge lies beside her awake heavy with thought.

Thorne skulks around the house slamming things and showing his overall unhappiness. Katie comes by with a congratulatory gift. Thorne tells Katie why he is so upset. She thinks it is disgusting that Donna got involved with Eric so soon after her botched wedding to Thorne. Thorne agrees. The one thing they don’t agree on is whether Eric should forgive Stephanie when she returns to LA. (Thorne doesn’t know yet why exactly Stephanie is at odds with the family) They talk as friends, Katie calms Thorne’s nerves . When they part Thorne can’t help but smile.

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