B&B Tuesday Update 10/9/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/9/07


Written By Dani

Thorne flies into a rage after finding Eric and Donna kissing. Donna acts innocent at first but her claws come out when Thorne calls her a fraud. Thorne can’t believe Eric would be dumb enough to get involved with Donna knowing she did to him. Eric defends his relationship with Donna which only angers Thorne more. He just can’t fathom Eric in a relationship when he is already married. Eric tries to explain that there is no help or reconciliation at this point for he and Stephanie. Thorne won’t accept it. They always fix things. Not this time Eric tells his son without revealing what exactly Stephanie has done so wrong. Thorne blames Eric’s infidelity for the reason Stephanie has left town.

Eric puts up a good verbal fight attempting to reason with Thorne but Thorne only begs. Please don’t give up on your marriage, at least not for Donna Logan. Donna is listening at the door. She has got Eric right where she wants him.

Ashley does feel bad about Brooke’s rape and the trauma it must have caused and admits what she said came out wrong. But the content she meant. Brooke can’t continue using her rape, RJ, or her history with ridge to try and win him back. Brooke disagrees but tries another approach before returning to her same old argument. Brooke tells Ashley what Stephanie did to her. The role Stephanie played in the rape. Ashley is certainly shocked by the news but doesn’t believe Stephanie intended for Brooke to be raped. Brooke accuses Ashley of just being Stephanie’s pawn in her many games of manipulation. This upsets the smart chemist who is beyond being played for a fool by Brooke or Stephanie.

When Brooke doesn’t convince Ashley to back off and face facts that she and Ridge will never be married she goes back to her old stand by. What she and Ridge share is so profound nothing can topple it not even Stephanie. Ashley points out that yes it may be profound this week but what about when Brooke meets someone new. Brooke is getting frustrated that Ashley won’t simply give her what she wants, Ridge. Brooke tells Ashley pint blank, you had better get used to my feelings always being priority over yours. Brooke leaves.

Ridge finds Ashley alone with her thoughts. Ashley tells ridge about the conversation and what was said. Ridge does admit he feels guilty for what Stephanie did to cause Brooke so much pain but he doesn’t mean to send Brooke mixed signals. Well that is exactly what you are doing Ashley tells him. She doesn’t want to give him an ultimatum but if it comes to that she will.

Brooke interrupts asking if Ridge is ready to go to her counseling session. Ridge lets her down easy but the glare she gives Ashley says this subject is far from being over. Ashley may have won this battle but there is a war being fought.

Brooke and the counselor discuss her future that she wants with ridge rather than the rape. Ridge feels bad for Brooke and for Ashley but he is sick of everyone telling him what he wants. Ridge is going to finally have his say. But of course Brooke is going to be the first to hear what is on his mind.

Ridge goes to Brooke’s house. Her session is over. Brooke is smiling and grinning from ear to ear believing maybe Ashley didn’t win after all. Ridge tells her they some issues they need to work out.

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