B&B Monday Update 10/8/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/8/07


Written By Dani

Nick is at the Jackie M boutique where he is visited by Bridget. There is a new procedure for detecting the maternity of a fetus before the baby is actually born. Bridget encourages Nick to agree to the test only not tell Taylor. Nick refuses. He explains to Bridget that in his mind this baby is his and Taylor’s no matter who the egg donor is. Plus he does not want Taylor under any unnecessary stress as the pregnancy comes to an end. Running the test will accomplish nothing. Brooke walks in. She immediately asks about Taylor’s pregnancy. Nick and Bridget cover and Nick changes the subject quickly.

Brooke has stopped by before going to Forrester Creations. She is surprised that Nick would sell the Company back to the Forresters. Nick tells Brooke of the one little hitch in the contract. Eric must divorce Stephanie. Brooke is surprised but doesn’t dwell on that subject, moving on to her.

Brooke tells Nick that with Stephanie out of her life and Ridge’s they can finally be together the way they were always meant to be. Nick has his doubts since Ridge is engaged to Ashley now. Their future has been planned for them and nothing or no one will stand in the way of her and Ridge’s happiness, not even Ashley Abbott.

Eric’s loved ones and Donna meet for a cake and Champaign celebration. Eric enjoys delegating how the company will run once again. Donna sticks to his side. When Brooke joins the celebration is greater when she agrees to remain with the company and is “delighted to be part of the family again.”

Ashley stands in the back of the room. She is happy for Eric but not Brooke or Ridge. Ridge can tell Ashley has something on her mind. HE is surprised to find out that Ashley knows he went to Big Bear the night before. Ashley is sick of the same old excuses and nothing ever changes. She turns away from Ridge unwilling to speak with him at the moment.

Brooke who waits across the room can see the trouble brewing for the newly engaged couple.

Once the celebration has dissipated Brooke pulls Ridge aside and asks him to come over later for a counseling session at her house. Ridge can’t, he has plans with Ashley. Brooke brings up what a God-send he has been and if it weren’t for Ridge she never would have gotten through the last couple of weeks. Ridge gives in. He agrees to juggle some things around and meet Ashley after Brooke’s session. Ashley is out side the door listening. She is angry that her phone call fell on deaf ears the night before.

Brooke isn’t coy about the matter. Just because Ashley told her to back off doesn’t mean she is going to. Plus, Brooke adds, She and Ridge are destined to be together. Get over Ashley thinks and all but tells her. And, they have a child and family. Try again Ashley is falling for that one either. Then Brooke falls back on how much she needs ridge to help her through her personal problems.

Ashley has had enough. She is sick and tired of Brooke manipulating her life and Ridge’s with her “rape!” Brooke snaps, she slaps Ashley across the face.

Brooke is almost out of control screaming at Ashley “DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT MY RAPE AGAIN!”

Brooke isn’t the only person coming undone at the seams. Jackie tells Nick about what happened when she went to Eric’s house only to be confronted by a naked Donna. Just remembering infuriates Jackie and she throws a minor fit in the stock room of the boutique.

Eric and Donna seem to be the only people who are genuinely happy but their happiness any not last long. Donna tells Eric in his office how proud of him she is and how he is going to be happy for the rest of his life. Eric gives Donna all of the credit for his recent success and happiness. They kiss. Thorne walks in and his jaw drops.

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